Centre for Inflammation Research

Crohn's and colitis trials

CIR clinical trials for the discovery of new treatments and targets for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) including Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

The Centre for Inflammation Research is currently involved in four clinical trials related to Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis treatments and targets. Dr Gwo-tzer Ho, Principal Investigator and Honorary Consultant Gastroenterologist, is the Chief Investigator for these studies.

All active studies are listed on the Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit (ECTU) webpages. Links to individual studies are listed below.


The GI-DAMPS clinical study logo in red and black.


GI-DAMPS is looking at danger signals, known as damage-associated molecular patterns (DAMPs), released by damaged mitochrondria in cells of the intestine. It aims to study the effects of these danger signals on inflammatory pathways (TLR9 and FPR1). The aim is to find possible treatments to speed up healing of the gut, alongside use of current immuno-suppressive drugs. 




The MUSIC clinical study logo in red and black.


The MUSIC study is considering Mitochondrial DAMPs as Mechanistic Biomarkers of Gut Mucosal Inflammation.

It wants to confirm if the danger signals (DAMPs) released by mitochondria are useful for determining whether a patient has Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis.

NCT registration number: NCT04760964. 

Visit the MUSIC page on the ECTU website


More information about the MUSIC study [External website]


The MARVEL clinical study logo in green and black.


MARVEL is a randomised placebo-controlled trial looking into Mitochondrial Anti-oxidant therapy to Resolve Inflammation in Ulcerative Colitis.

The MARVEL study investigates whether MitoQ is a beneficial drug treatment for Ulcerative Colitis. It is a multi-centre trial taking place at 25 locations around the UK.

Recruitment for this study runs from February 2020 – February 2022.

NCT registration number: NCT04276740

Visit the MARVEL page on the ECTU website


The Mini-MARVEL clinical study logo in green and black.


Mini-MARVEL will look at the outcomes of the MARVEL study aims in children with ulcerative colitis.

This trial is still in the protocol development phase and not yet open to participants.