Human Resources

Planning Your Role and Career Development

Resources and advice to help you develop in your role and career.

To help you plan for your own development consider the following questions and discuss with your manager:

Know yourself: What are your strengths and areas for development? What feedback have you and could you seek?

Know your context: What are the priorities for your role and team aligned to Strategy 2030?  What are your priorities for your career?

Know your goal: Bringing together your strengths and context, what are your areas of focus for development? What steps do you need to take? Who can support you achieve these? What learning do you need to access?


Planning Your Role Development

Find out more about how to identify development in your current role and any roles you aspire to within the University.

Planning Your Career Development

The Planning My Career SharePoint site has been designed to help you think about your career and point you in the direction of resources to help you develop your career.

Career Management Support for Early Career Researchers

The Institute for Academic Development has created a series of new resources to further enhance the provision of online Careers Resources, for Early Career Researchers.

Identifying Learning To Meet Your Needs

Use the following questions and resources to help you to identify the right learning to meet your needs.

Please visit the Courses and Resources webpage for information about learning available to you