Human Resources

Planning Your Role Development

Find out more about how to identify development in your current role and any roles you aspire to within the University.

Behaviours Charter

The Behaviours Charter identifies the behaviours which reflect our values. This is to support you reflect on HOW you do our job, as well as WHAT you have achieved. Use the Behaviours Charter to have conversations around how you have demonstrated our values and to help identify development options focused on developing the right behaviours.

The Behaviours Charter

Grade Profiles

Grade profiles detail the knowledge, skills, experience, and work activities that are typical for all staff from grades UE01 to UE10.

These can help you compare the differences in expectations between grades and help you to identify any development needs.

Specific Role DevelopmentĀ 

As well as supporting all staff with their development the University has dedicated resources available for specific roles.

Development for Leaders and Managers

Leadership and Management Programmes and Support

Development for Researchers, Teachers and Learning Staff

The Institute for Academic Development

Development for Staff Supporting Students

Staff Supporting Students Professional Development

Development for Technicians

Support for Technicians