Global partnerships

Universitas 21

A leading global network of research-intensive universities.

All U21 member institutions work together to foster global citizenship and innovation through research-inspired teaching, student mobility, networking and advocacy for internationalisation.

Collectively, its 25 members enrol over 1.3 million students and employ over 220,000 staff and faculty. Their collective budgets amount to over US$25bn and they have an annual research grant income of over US$6.5bn.

All U21 member institutions are research-led, comprehensive universities providing a strong quality assurance framework to the network’s activities.

The network’s purpose is to facilitate collaboration and cooperation between the member universities and to create opportunities for them on a scale that none of them would be able to achieve operating independently or through traditional bilateral alliances.

The University of Edinburgh was a founder member of U21 and participates in a number of its activities.

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