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The University of the Arctic (UArctic) is a cross-regional network of universities, colleges, research institutes, and other organisations (concerned with education and research) linked to the North.

UArctic has over 200 members. The University of Edinburgh became as a member in 2021.

The network aims to develop knowledge to address local and global challenges of relevance to Arctic peoples and societies.

Key Objectives of UArctic

Key objectives include enhancing and promoting educational opportunities for northerners through academic collaboration and exchange; sharing knowledge through collaboration in research, science and Indigenous / traditional knowledge; strengthening recognition of circumpolar higher education; securing funding and other resources to effectively strengthen capacity and capabilities for the Arctic.


University of Edinburgh research staff from the Schools of Geosciences, Social and Political Studies and Literatures, Languages and Cultures are particularly engaged with UArctic, and these Schools currently fund the annual subscription to UArctic.

How to get involved 

Join the Scottish Arctic Network & EdArctic Networks

Through our membership of UArctic we are a member of the Scottish Arctic Network (ScAN) which became a recognised regional centre of UArctic in March 2023. Tessa Bell currently represents the University on this group and circulates updates to our own EdArctic Network, a mailing list for those interested in all things Arctic. Please email if you would like to be added to this list. 

Arctic Science Summit Week 2024

We are excited that Edinburgh will be hosting the next Arctic Science Summit Week 2024. To find out more and get involved you can email

Find out more

Visit the UArctic website

Visit the Scottish Arctic Network website

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