Global partnerships


The University of Edinburgh is part of several networks, including UNICA, the network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe.

Founded in 1990, the UNICA community is made up of 55 Universities from 38 capitals of Europe and is committed to democratic values, acting as a catalyst for the advancement, integration and cooperation of Member Universities throughout Europe as a means of social understanding, global collaboration, and sustainable development.

The University of Edinburgh’s application to re-join the network was approved at the General Assembly in Budapest in November 2017.

UNICA activity is clustered around the following areas – Internationalisation & Mobility, Education, Research & Development, Policy & Strategy and Mission & Link with Society under which sit the following Working Groups; International Relations Officers Meetings (IRO), University PR & Communication, UNICA EDULAB, EU Research Liaison Officers, Doctoral Education, Scholarly Communication, City-University Cooperation and UNICA GREEN.

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