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Cervantes Institute

The University of Edinburgh is launching an international collaboration and a national programme to promote Spanish language and culture.

Cátedra Cervantes/Cervantes Chair in Edinburgh  

The University of Edinburgh is proud to host the extension of the Cervantes Institute in Edinburgh and Scotland. This unique partnership has created a global first through the creation of a Cátedra Cervantes/Cervantes Chair. This position will be held by Alexis Grohmann, Professor of Contemporary Spanish Literature at the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures. 

This new collaboration will mean that for the first time the Cervantes Institute, which has 92 centres across four continents and in 47 countries, will be organising events and activities open to the public in Scotland. The Cervantes Institute has four other locations in the UK and Ireland. 


This collaboration is not just for the University,  it's not just for the city, it's for Scotland.

Professor Alexis GrohmannCatedrático Cervantes/Cervantes Chair 
Image of Alexis Grohmann
Alexis Grohmann, Catedrático Cervantes/Cervantes Chair - Photo by Nic Cameron

We are delighted to have been selected as the partner for the Cervantes Institute in Scotland and proud to host the world’s first ever Cervantes Chair here at the University. It means more opportunities for communities across Scotland to engage with and connect with Spanish language, literature and culture and deepen our existing connections and partnerships between Scotland and Spain. 

Alan MackayDeputy Vice-Principal International and Director of Edinburgh Global 

Mission and events 

Events and workshops will run throughout the year and are open to all.  The programme will include teacher training and certification, poetry, literature, music, photography, dance, and exploring cultural links between Spanish-speaking countries and Scotland. 

  •  23 May - Poetry recital with Luis García Montero

  • June 14 - Seminar on the sustainability of commercial aviation and new forms of energy, directed by Mercedes Maroto Valer

  • June 29 - 30 - International Symposium of Spanish poetry - 2023 Programme

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About the Cervantes Institute 

The Cervantes Institute is the official Spanish Language and Cultural centre. It is a non-profit organisation founded by the Spanish Government in 1991. Its mission is to promote and support the teaching, study and use of Spanish abroad, as well as to promote Spanish and Hispanic cultures more generally.    

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