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GESA workshop on trans/inter/multdisciplinary contributions

The main aim of this workshop is to encourage doctoral and post-doctoral research across the disciplinary borders and also accounting for kinds of knowledge and know-how which are outside the domain of empirical science.

Participants will learn about the drivers, motives and scope of trans-/inter-/multi-disciplinary approaches and discuss various methodologies, practices and challenges. Participants will exchange experiences and, hopefully, learn from each other.

GESA Workshop on trans/inter/multidisciplinary contributions

A half day workshop with a mix of researchers working in different kinds of projects; a maximum of 20 participants.

Tuesday 1 July 2014, 2.00pm - 6.00pm

Moot Court Room, Old College

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Introduction - Elisa Morgera
Short presentation by each participant, their projects and their experiences of working trans-/inter-/multi-disciplinary
Deciphering Multi/Inter/Transdisciplinary Inquiry - interactive lecture by R Lawrence Examples of successful implementation.
Plenary Interactive Session - Roderick Lawrence introduces topics for discussion
Synthesis - what have I learnt from this workshop?
Next steps

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Download the workshop abstract and schedule, and a copy of Roderick Lawrence's article, 'Deciphering Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Contributions'.