Payroll Procedures

Payroll Services procedures are available here, and in further detail on the Finance Department Wiki.

Detailed information on Payroll procedures and policies are available in the Finance Manual, on the Finance Department Wiki. Accessing the Wiki requires logging in via EASE.

Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs - Real Time Information (RTI)

From 6 April 2013, The University must report PAYE information in real time. You may see this referred to as Real Time Information - or RTI.

All UK employers report PAYE in real time. Each time we pay an employee, we must submit details about employees' pay and deductions to HMRC using payroll software. Additional payments made after pay day are currently not picked up by the payroll system. In order to ensure we meet our obligations to HMRC, the payroll Team will be making the following changes below:

Missed/Late Payments

  • Quick pays through the payroll system will cease with effect from 31st January 2014
  • The expectations of new employees should be better managed so that they are made aware from the start when their first pay date will be relative to their start date (for example - A new employee joining after the 20th of the month with no signed contracts received will not be paid until the following month).
  • As a responsible employer, we are duty bound to protect the welfare of our employees but we need to apply a sensible approach to ensure that we operate on the right side of payroll legislation.
  • With effect from 1 March 2014, if a new employee joins The University before the 20th of the month and subject to the receipt of signed contracts and bank details, payroll will pay 65% (to allow for Tax & National Insurance deductions) of the gross amount due and the balance paid to the employee the next month. This will help The University to achieve its legal reporting requirements to HMRC.

Salary sacrifice

Salary sacrifice schemes, such as Bicycles+ or for childcare vouchers, allow University employees to receive certain benefits in a tax efficient way.

If you have a salary sacrifice arrangement for childcare vouchers and your employment with the University is coming to an end please remember to inform the Payroll Section to cancel your childcare vouchers the month before the end of your employment.

If you are a member of the Bicycles+ scheme and your employment with the University is coming to an end please remember to inform the Payroll Section so that they can take the remaining balance from your final salary.

Payroll number and pay advice

Your staff number is used as your payroll number. It can be found on your staff card, or from your monthly pay advice. Your monthly pay advice will also state your annual basic salary.

If you do not receive your monthly pay advice, check with Payroll to ensure that you have been paid and that the correct pay advice address is held on our system. If this is incorrect, then contact your College Human Resources Office in order to get the system updated. Payroll can provide you with a printout of your current month's salary.

Bank accounts

The current policy in the University is that all payments made via the payroll system will be to UK bank accounts. There are currently no facilities to allow payments into foreign bank accounts or salary payments in foreign currencies.

If you require advice on how to set up a UK bank account please contact Payroll or refer to the bank accounts page.