Finance Department Sections

List of Finance Department sections.

The work of the Finance Department is divided between a number of sections, each with specific responsibilities.

Senior Management Team

The Directorate is responsible for the overall management and organisation of the University of Edinburgh Finance Department.

Finance Operations Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable are responsible for ensuring the correct and timely payment of all University of Edinburgh invoices and expenses.

Business Planning

The Business Planning team provides professional business partnering support to colleagues across the University, principally assisting with the preparation of a business case. We also provide a training course on how to prepare a business case.

Finance Operations Cash & Banking

The Cash & Banking team provides a wide range of services including the processing and recording of all income, disbursement of cash and the management of treasury balances.

Financial Information, Reporting & Strategy Team (FIRST)

Providing professional accounting services – including financial planning, reporting, analysis and insight - to the University Group. The team is merged from the former Management and Financial Accounting Teams.

Finance Systems Team

The Finance Systems Team provides second line support and training for finance systems and is responsible for finance systems strategy and the Finance, Payroll, Procurement & Printing Projects Programme.

Finance Operations Accounts Receivable (Income Section)

The Finance Operations Accounts Receivable team (Income Section) supports other University departments who provide chargeable goods and services to people and organisations.

Insurance Office

The Insurance Office arranges cover for University buildings, contents, computers, motor vehicles, travel, employers and public liability insurance. As well as providing advice and support on insurance matters, it’s also responsible for the management and handling of claims made against the University.

Payroll Services

Our new payroll services, supported by the People and Money system, went live in April 2022. You can find all of the information you need on our services including how to request a payment, what forms to use, and supporting information below.


Information on pension schemes, joining and leaving a scheme and retirement.

Research Grants

The Research Grants team provide post-award research grant administration and support.

Service Assurance

The Service Assurance team is responsible for providing assurance that the University's finance operations processes and controls are properly designed and operating as intended.

Tax Team

The Tax Team is responsible for ensuring that the University complies fully with all relevant tax laws, rules, regulations, statutory reporting and disclosure requirements wherever we operate.