Net Salary Calculator

A spreadsheet is available to download which provides net salary calculations.

To calculate what your net salary would be if you reduced your hours from full-time to part-time, please refer to the net salary calculations spreadsheet.


On the spreadsheet, find your full-time salary in the "Salary" column. Then, in the "PT hours" column, enter the number of weekly part-time hours. (Please note: calculations for tax are based on a tax code of S1250L.)


Important update on the Net Salary Calculator

We have developed the Net Salary Calculator to make it more user friendly and the new version can be found here

Following some positive feedback, we are planning on replacing the existing spreadsheet with the new version in April 2020, however, before we do that, we want to make sure that the new calculator is fit for purpose, easy to use and does not present any immediate challenges for the user.  

Please take time to try out the new calculator and send your feedback to: no later than the 20th March 2020.