Pay Dates

In general, pay day for the University is the 28th of each month; unless it falls on a weekend, in which case it is the Friday preceding the 28th.

From April 2022 onwards, individuals who begin work at the University on or after the Payroll has run will not be paid until the following month’s pay day.

When new employees are added to People and Money, they are classified as Pending Workers until their start date, at which point they will be converted to employees. If a pending worker does not convert to an employee by the time the Payroll is run, they will not be paid for that month.

The new employee’s record must have all the pay-impacting information in the system by the time the Payroll is run, including bank details, payment method, work schedule, line manager, date of birth and gender.

The date the Payroll is run is usually around the 18th/19th/ 20th of the month though this does vary month to month. Payments to the new employee will be made on the following month's pay day.



Pay Dates in 2022

Online payslip available from

January 28th January 26th January
February 28th February 24th February
March Friday 26th 24th March
April 28th April 26th April
May 27th May 25th May
June 28th June 24th June
July 28th July 26th July
August 26th August 25th August
September 28th September 26th September
October 28th October 26th October
November 28th November 24th November
December 20th December 16th December


For guidance on Missed, Late or Overpaid payments, please visit the Finance Services SharePoint

Missed, Late or Overpaid Payments