Pay Dates

In general, pay day for the University is the 28th of each month; unless it falls on a weekend, in which case it is the Friday preceding the 28th.


Pay Dates in 2019

Online payslip available from

January Monday 28th Thursday 24th
February Thursday 28th Tuesday 26th
March Thursday 28th Tuesday 26th
April Friday 26th Wednesday 24th
May Tuesday 28th Friday 24th
June Friday 28th Wednesday 26th
July Friday 26th Wednesday 24th
August Wednesday 28th Monday 26th
September Friday 27th Wednesday 25th
October Monday 28th Thursday 24th
November Thursday 28th Tuesday 26th
December Thursday 19th (TBC) Tuesday 17th


Request for advance payments:


Cut-Off for requests

Payment Date

January Thursday 31st January, 10am Monday 4th February 
February Monday 4th March,10am Wednesday 6th March
March Monday 1st April, 10am Wednesday 3rd April

Requests for an advance payment to cover any shortfalls or late paperwork must be made to by the required deadline.