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Review of the year 2020

Edit review of the year 2020 overview grid
2020 will be remembered as a year like no other, with one topic mainly dominating the headlines. As we look ahead to a hopefully brighter 2021, the Edit Review of the Year 2020 reminds us that, against the odds, the University community has continued to make the world a better place over the past 12 months.

Room with a view

Artwork entitled Laundry Migration by Florentina abendstein
Edinburgh students turned the coronavirus lockdown into an opportunity to channel their creativity for a virtual art exhibition in collaboration with Google.

The politics of a pandemic

Devi Sridhar
From advising the Scottish Government to writing opinion pieces for the media, Professor and Chair of Global Public Health in the University’s Usher Institute Devi Sridhar is using her expertise to help guide the country though the coronavirus health crisis.

From Wall Street to the open road

Matthew Lee on his motorbike against ice backdrop
Meet the financial expert turned extreme traveller. Featured in a BBC documentary, alumnus Matthew Lee shares his journey from whistleblowing bank corruption in New York in the lead up to the 2008 financial crash, to motorbiking solo past burning tyres in Ecuador during civil unrest.

The art of science

Lab life landscape
Innovative Edinburgh scientist Dr Elaine Emmerson gave a talented artist unlimited access to her head and neck cancer research, and the resulting illustrations capture the treatment development journey in an engaging and enlightening way.

A key role in the community

A grid showing the faces of University of Edinburgh social workers
Meet the Edinburgh social workers who have been playing a vital part in keeping connected with people in need of support.

Capturing the city in covid times

A panoramic view of Bristo Square
As we enter a new phase of Scotland's route map out of the coronavirus pandemic, pause and take in Edit's new photo gallery showing the University's Central Area and the surrounding city in recent days.

“I always stood up for what’s right.”

Briana Pegado giving a TedX talk
Briana Pegado talks about being the first black female President of the Edinburgh University Students’ Association, being both creative and politically active from an early age, and the challenges that young people face today.

Caring our way through a crisis

NHS thank you sign on Princes Street Edinburgh
Following on from our interviews with alumni nurses, we meet two medical graduates who offer an insight into their work and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on their daily roles. 

Changing the mindset on climate

Offshore worker looking at wind turbines
With the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) postponed until 2021, experts at the University are driving debate forward with a virtual climate event this month. In this Edit feature, speakers and fellow academics discuss progress in environmental technology, the pros of behavioural change and parallels with the pandemic.

Nursing the nation back to health

NHS tributes in a tree in Edinburgh
In the Edit interview, nursing alumni talk about their roles and show support for new graduates during the pandemic.

Feeling the heat

A bushfire warning sign in Australia
This winter, the widely reported Australian bushfire crisis revealed how seemingly controllable events can quickly spread into a global emergency. Something in times like these we are becoming all too familiar with.

Building a more sustainable future

Olivia Sweeney at a This is Engineering stand
Engineering graduate Olivia Sweeney talks to Edit about being listed in the Top 100 Influential Women in Engineering, the link between gender equality and sustainability, and her inspirations.

Tunnel visionaries

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN
Deep below the ground at the world's largest physics laboratory, Edinburgh scientists are shedding light on dark matter, black holes and the elusive Higgs boson. At the end of 2019, the University was invited to visit CERN and meet the researchers who share a vision of solving the universe's many mysteries.

Conversation pieces

Montage of objects discussed in the Sharing things podcast
Introducing Sharing Things, the new podcast where cherished objects spark engaging discussions.

A passion for protecting patients

The award-winning alumna inspiring the next generation of nurses at the University of Brunei.

Women in data have the answers

Project shines light on women in data
In a series of candid interviews, women with tech careers reveal how they are taking on the data revolution.

The festivals and us

Gwen Orr stands with McEwan Hall and Bristo Square in the background
The University plays a huge part in Edinburgh’s festivals and staff from across the institution are involved in the many partnerships. Meet some of the dedicated people who contribute to the festivals in a variety of ways.

Representing the Edinburgh Seven

Seven current medical students who accepting degrees on behalf of the Edinburgh Seven
In July, seven current students accepted posthumous honorary degrees on behalf of the first female undergraduate medical students to matriculate at the University.

Reflections on studying abroad: Spain 1968/2019

a vintage image of a Granada street
To celebrate 100 years of the Spanish programme at the University, graduate Nicholas Rollin and student Róisín MacFarlane reflect on their study year abroad, which is a key part of the programme, comparing their experiences of Granada in 1968 and Valladolid in 2019.

For the love of words

Covers of the James Tait Black fiction shortlist 2019
This year marks 100 years of the University’s prestigious James Tait Black Prizes. As the shortlist is announced and a special one-off prize unveiled, Lecturer in English Literature and Fiction Judge Alexandra Lawrie delves into the history of the UK’s longest running literary prizes.

Your digital companion for dementia care

Meet the Edinburgh alumna behind a new one-stop platform for dementia care.

Flipping the anti-corruption narrative

Integrity Idol finalists
A non-profit organisation founded by history graduate Blair Glencorse is building a new generation of active citizens and responsible leaders around the world.

A review of the year: highlights of 2018

Catherine Heymans shows her work
Looking back at the University's achievements over the past 12 months.

Performance goals

Playerdata at HWC
PlayerData, a wearable tech company founded by two young Edinburgh graduates, has showcased its first product to thousands attending the Homeless World Cup in Mexico.

Paddling against plastic

An alumna's solo paddleboard voyage from Land's End to John O'Groats has highlighted the effects of plastic debris on the UK's beaches.

In our view

Photograph of the coastal town of Progreso, where Korean immigrants first arrived on the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico, in 1905.
Meet the award-winning photographer and writer couple producing thought-provoking journalistic collaborations.

The festivals in focus

McEwan Hall with banners during the festivals 2018
 The University's involvement with this year's summer festivals in the city is showcased in Edit's 2018 photo gallery.

Curious about the scientific history of Edinburgh?

Photo of smartphone showing the Curious Edinburgh app
A new app offers a fresh approach to exploring the city's landmarks through walking tours that delve into its heritage of science, technology and medicine.

RSGS award for sustainability focused Antarctica expedition

An Edinburgh alumna was recently awarded honorary fellowship of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society for her work on outdoor learning and sustainability education in Scottish schools, following her return from an all-female voyage to Antarctica.