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Lab life landscape

Innovative Edinburgh scientist Dr Elaine Emmerson gave a talented artist unlimited access to her head and neck cancer research, and the resulting illustrations capture the treatment development journey in an engaging and enlightening way.

A grid showing the faces of University of Edinburgh social workers

Meet the Edinburgh social workers playing a vital part in keeping connected with people in need of support.

A panoramic view of Bristo Square

As we enter a new phase of Scotland's route map out of the coronavirus pandemic, pause and take in Edit's new photo gallery showing the University's Central Area and the surrounding city in recent days.

Briana Pegado giving a TedX talk

Briana Pegado talks about being the first black female President of the Edinburgh University Students’ Association, being both creative and politically active from an early age, and the challenges that young people face today.

Cover of Edit 2019

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Olivia Sweeney at a This is Engineering stand

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