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Assessment subsequent years

Month 19 (eg. 3 year programme)

2nd year Assessment Report

Students should submit a report updating their Thesis Committee on progress.  A template can be made available but should include a background introduction, aims of the project, description of methods used/developed (and problems encountered), results obtained, and plans for future work. Add any details of courses attended and training received.   


2nd year Assessment Meeting

A meeting between student and the Thesis Committee should then go ahead as arranged following the 1st year assessment meeting.  Students are asked to give a short 10 minute presentation to update, supervisors are welcome to participate where necessary. Students are required to bullet points raised to them to ensure understanding.

Before the end of this meeting, student and Thesis Committee should agree a date for subsequent meetings/Thesis Plan meeting.


During your subsequent years, students will also be included in the Centre’s Research Clinic schedule. This involves an oral presentation of work to date, presented to the local scientific community followed by questions.