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​​​​​​​Additional requirements of students

​​​​​​​Though research at the bench is the priority for all students, there are generic skills that also need to be developed.

It is therefore expected of ALL students that they will:


  • Attend all Seminars, Research Clinics, Training seminars/workshops etc in the Centre for Reproductive Health, irrespective of whether or not they are of direct relevance to their own study area.
  • Participate in, and attend ‘Journal Club’ meetings as available. These are specifically designed to give students practice in formal presentation as well as developing skills in critically evaluating other people’s research.  
  • Participate in the MRC & University Transferable skills programmes. These offer a great opportunity for all students as many of the programmes are first-rate and will provide skills that will prove of use to the student irrespective of their future career.  Attend and record attendance of courses relevant to studies. Courses on offer from the Institute of Academic Development (IAD).  Please be aware that if you are unable to attend a course that you have booked onto, the booking needs to be cancelled in advance as this may be charged back to your PI/centre.  
  • Read widely around their own subject (books as well as journals) and not rely on reading abstracts on PubMed as the means of developing their knowledge and understanding. This is perhaps the most important habit to cultivate as awareness of the literature informs virtually all aspects of a research degree and will make writing of reports and the final thesis a much easier task.