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Assessment 10 Week

Research plan

After about 10 weeks you are expected to produce a research plan for your PhD/MD.  You should interact with your supervisor/s to discuss aims, methods to be used/learned/developed and literature areas to be read.  The research plan should not exceed two sides of A4 in length (approx. 1000 words) and outline the background leading to your hypothesis, the aims and main methodologies that will address the aims.

It is recognised that plans for future years may be less detailed, as they may be directed by results in year 1.  A ‘Risk assessment’ of the project should be carried out by the supervisor/student (risk refers to the scientific riskiness of the project not to H&S issues! i.e. what contingencies are in place where outcomes are less certain). 

On the cover page, please include details of all supervisors.

 A 1 page annex should accompany the 2 page project summary which succinctly details plans for literature areas to be mastered, training/training courses required/to be completed in year 1, and a Gantt chart (or similar) time plan for completing the research project as agreed with supervisor/s.

Once submitted, a meeting with the PG Committee representative/s will be arranged to check that the student has settled in, to discuss the research plan and to check that a supervisory process is in place. 20-30 minutes.

Following this meeting, you should discuss, plan and arrange for the 1st year review meeting with your supervisor.  Identifying an external assessor who could participate going forward – joining a member of the PG Committee at your review meetings to form your Thesis Committee.