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​​​​​​​Working together and additional support

​​​​​​​Most aspects of laboratory function rely on team work.

Everyone in the laboratory needs to not only be considerate of the needs of others in their shared laboratories but also to help in day-today running of the lab by being tidy and informing senior laboratory staff if stocks are getting low so that they can be replenished from the store rooms.  Your host lab will advise you on who does what in relation to these ‘housekeeping’ tasks and who is responsible for ordering items.  Please ensure that should you be required to sign for delivery items that you let the senior staff know of their arrival and unpack items if you are concerned that they will defrost. Deliveries requiring refrigeration must be monitored with particular care.

CRH Postgraduate Studies Committee

In addition to your supervisory team, the CRH Postgraduate Studies Committee serves to monitor the academic and scientific progress of postgraduate students registered for higher degrees within the CRH.

The present committee members are:


Professor Nicola Gray

Professor Nicola Gray (Chair)


Professor Andrew W Horne

Professor Andrew Horne


Dr Rod Mitchell updated photograph

Professor Rod Mitchell


Dr Colin Duncan Photograph

Professor Colin Duncan


Dr Takanori Kitamura photograph

Dr Takanori Kitamura


The monitoring process involves annually reviewing student progress, including their ability to write concisely in a scientific manner and to present work orally to an audience. This review process therefore involves formal assessments during your time in the department. It also provides opportunities for students to discuss problems confidentially.