Centre for Reproductive Health

Guide for postgraduate students

Welcome to the Centre for Reproductive Health (CRH). This guide is intended for MD and PhD students that should help you settle in at the start of your postgraduate studies and provide an outline of what to expect. 

Getting Started

In the first few weeks your immediate priorities will be registration (matriculation), discussing your plan of research with your supervisor/s, meeting fellow students and staff and familiarising yourself with local health and safety rules.

​​​​​​​Your research training

In the first few weeks the priority will be to discuss the overall aim of your project with your supervisor who will also provide you with starter references and arrange for you to receive training in experimental and practical techniques relevant to your studies.


Any previous laboratory experience will be useful as you begin your practical work however before using any item of equipment you need to be shown the correct way to book/set up and run the equipment by experienced staff as it will save you time in the long run and avoids costly breakages.


Your supervisor/s will play a key role in the success of your postgraduate studies.

​​​​​​​Working together and additional support

​​​​​​​Most aspects of laboratory function rely on team work.

Assessment 10 Week

Research plan

Assessment subsequent years

Month 19 (eg. 3 year programme)

Assessment Final year Thesis Plan

Month 26 (eg. 3 year programme)

​​​​​​​Additional requirements of students

​​​​​​​Though research at the bench is the priority for all students, there are generic skills that also need to be developed.

The Centre for Reproductive Health sits within the Deanery of Clinical Sciences, 1 of 3 deaneries forming the College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine GRADUATE SCHOOL here at the University of Edinburgh.