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2018 news

Archive news articles from 2018.

Early retirement of Robin Sellar

It is with great sadness that we need to report that our friend and colleague, Robin Sellar is retiring through ill health. Robin was diagnosed with bowel cancer around September 2017; this has now spread to his liver and is inoperable.

CRH Fertility Preservation research featured in national press

"It gives you hope": the fight to save the fertility of children with cancer

Hidden suffering

An Edinburgh team is conducting vital research into how to improve the lives of more than 170 million women globally affected by endometriosis, a debilitating condition that often goes undiagnosed.

CRH researchers encourage young scientists

A group from MRC Centre for Reproductive Health visited Preston Lodge High School in East Lothian to take part in a Careers Exploration Day, to encourage an interest in scientific research as a future career path.

Stillbirth reduction strategy remains unproven

A care package aimed at reducing the risk of babies being stillborn may offer marginal benefit but remains unproven, research suggests.

Breast milk may help babies’ brain development

According to a new MRC CRH study, babies born before their due date show better brain development when fed breast milk rather than formula.

MSP’s visit CRH

MRC CRH hosted MSP’s Ash Denham and Iain Gray in September 2018.

Dr Erin Greaves returns from Taiwan

During her visit to the China Medical University, Dr Greaves heard about how traditional Chinese medicine might be used to treat endometriosis and was taken on a fascinating tour around the University herb garden.

Professor Fiona Denison – new appointment

Professor Denison, Personal Chair of Translational Obstetrics.

Scientists of the future visit CRH

A group of budding young scientists visited the CRH labs this week, as part of the Science Insights programme (which ran from Monday 20 July until Friday 27 July, 2018).

Shadow Cabinet Secretary visit to CRH

MRC CRH was delighted to host Miles Briggs, Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, on 24 July 2018.

Bolton mum praises research

Joanne Norris gave birth to healthy twins after taking part in trial of device to stop premature birth in twin pregnancies (STOPPIT2)

Dr Jackie Maybin appointed a new member of YAS

Congratulations to CRH’s Dr Jackie Maybin who is among the 53 talented new members of the RSE Young Academy of Scotland, announced on 10 July 2018.

CRH PhD students attend Ingenious Women Workshops

MRC CRH PhD students Melissa Tharmalingam and Gabriele Matilionyte from the Mitchell lab attended the Ingenious Women 2018 workshops (IWScot2018), funded by the Scottish Funding Council.

MRC Festival 2018 - A healthy pregnancy; a positive outcome

MRC CRH was delighted to host the MRC Festival on 20 June.

CRH win Silver in the 2017 Edinburgh University Lab Sustainability Awards

This is in addition to retaining a Bronze Lab for and a Gold Office award for the entire Queen's Medical Research Institute.

Dr Fiona Denison wins prestigious award for birth mirror

Dr Fiona Denison won the Enterprise runner-up prize in the University of Edinburgh Inspire Launch and Grow Awards.

Professor Andrew Calder awarded MBE

Professor Andrew Calder, former Head of the Division of Reproductive and Developmental Sciences (which later became part of the MRC Centre for Reproductive Health), has been recognised in the 2018 Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

Professor Duncan visits Edinburgh Academy students

On Wednesday 6 June, Professor Colin Duncan visited the Edinburgh Academy to speak to a group of science students who are interested in pursuing careers in research or medicine.

ESPBC success and Tommy’s Centre 10th Celebrations

Edinburgh was delighted to host the third European Spontaneous Preterm Birth Congress amidst beautiful spring sunshine.

Danish group visits MRC CRH

On 23 May 2018, MRC Centre for Reproductive Health was delighted to welcome a group from the School of Biomedical Laboratory Science in Esbjerg, Denmark

CRH teaching talent praised

University of Edinburgh academics, tutors and support staff have been recognised in annual awards for outstanding teaching.

Fiona Denison publishes on the NIHR blog

CRH’s Dr Fiona Denison was the lead researcher of the GOTIT trial.

Painkillers in pregnancy may affect baby’s future fertility

Taking painkillers during pregnancy could affect the fertility of the unborn child in later life, research suggests.

James Boardman and Rod Mitchell chosen as Herald Heroes

These articles pay tribute to some of the remarkable individuals who have made a contribution to Scotland's health service and research during the past 70 years.

Neonatal care fund

Easing financial pressures on parents of premature and sick babies.

Male infertility in the news agenda

CRH’s Richard Sharpe visited Science Media Centre in London to attend a UK-wide media briefing, alongside a number of other researchers and journalists.

Queen’s prize honours research to improve women’s health

A number of staff from MRC Centre for Reproductive Health visited Buckingham Palace to receive the prestigious Queen’s Anniversary Prize on 22 February, 2018.

Hormone identified to prepare womb for pregnancy

Scientists have identified a hormone that could help prepare the womb lining for the earliest stage of pregnancy.

Big eaters who remain slim due to missing gene

Scientists at MRC CRH have found that a missing gene may be the secret of men with an unrestrained appetite who avoid gaining weight.

CRH success at RCOG Annual Academic Meeting

Congratulations to CRH’s Lisa Campbell and Chloe Hogg who won second prizes at the RCOG Annual Academic Meeting (Blair Bell Competition) on 9 February in London for their oral and poster presentations, respectively.

Further coverage for CRH’s Fiona Denison and her award winning product

Fiona Denison’s birth mirror success has appeared in the February issue of NHS Connections (the magazine for NHS Lothian staff).

MRC Centre for Reproductive Health researchers unlock key to boosting brain repair

A team of scientists at MRC Centre for Reproductive Health in Edinburgh have uncovered a molecule in the brain fundamental in repairing the damage that happens in multiple sclerosis (MS).

C-sections linked to long-term risks and benefits

Compared to vaginal deliveries, caesarean deliveries are associated with a decreased risk of urinary incontinence and pelvic prolapse, but an increased risk of miscarriage or placenta previa in future pregnancies.

Insight into heavy periods could pave way towards new treatment

CRH scientists have uncovered a cause of heavy menstrual bleeding that offers hope for women living with the condition.

Analgesics could impact on fertility

MRC CRH’s Sarah Stock, Rod Mitchell and Richard Sharpe have all commented recently on the potential impact that analgesic drugs may have on the production of sperm and egg cells.