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CANCELLED: Fintech, Values and Society Seminar

Decades of relentless technological innovations and new regulations have altered the finance sector. Financial products and markets have never been more reliant on technology.

ONLINE: IP for Research Workshop

This workshop will provide essential support and understanding in the use of intellectual property by early career researchers. It will help kick-start discussions with Edinburgh Innovations, the University of Edinburgh’s commercialisation service.

POSTOPONED: Communicating Health Risks and Scientific Uncertainty

It is claimed we live in a ‘post-truth’ society in which emotional responses dominate balanced consideration of evidence. This presents a strong challenge to those who value quantitative and scientific evidence: How can we communicate risks and unavoidable scientific uncertainty in a transparent and trustworthy way?

CANCELLED: Scalable Automatic Machine Learning in R with H2O

The focus of this presentation is scalable and automatic machine learning in R using the H2O machine learning platform.

POSTPONED: Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship (PhD Event)

POSTPONED! The Bayes Centre mission and community ethos is to bring together industry, talented students and academics to collaborate on opportunities for value through the application of disruptive, data technologies. This networking event will provide an opportunity for members and partners to meet PhD students who are keen to work on industry innovations, and explore opportunities for entrepreneurship, potentially leading so some great new projects and partnerships.

CANCELLED: Celebrating Data - ASA DataFest Awards Ceremony

Want to find out how students did at ASA DataFest and what they uncovered about the challenge?

CANCELLED (moved to online): DataFest 2020 @ EDI

This event is part of the DataFest20 Fringe programme. DataFest 2020 @ EDI will take place at the University of Edinburgh, Bayes Centre over the 13-15 March 2020 weekend. Sign up by 21 February 2020!

CANCELLED: A Hands-On Introduction to Data Science in Health

In this workshop we will explore these topics while getting a practical, hands-on taster of data science in health. The workshop is designed for healthcare and biomedicine professionals working in academia, industry, the public sector or the third sector, who have very little or no background in data science or computing.

The Value of Ethics in Innovation: Tick-box or Catalyst for Success?

The event is sponsored by DDI and the presentations will look at common ethical challenges faced in innovation, solutions and examples of success, the risks of not including ethics meaningfully in innovation and the patient’s perspective

Nesta AI For Good Workshop

Nesta’s AI for Good workshop will explore how Artificial Intelligence can be used to combat social issues in Scotland and showcase some of the people doing it in the real world.

Getting Started with Data Science

This event is part of DataFest 2020. This workshop is an introduction to Pandas for beginners where you will learn about; Jupyter notebooks, Pandas data structures, Transforming and exploring data and Visualising data.

Galvanised: connecting science, engineering and the arts in EFI: Seminar 4

In our fourth seminar of the series, our guest lecturer's will be Prof Richard Morris FRS and Laura Cram. This seminar will cover '"memory and the importance of forgetting".

ICoT Conference

At ICoT2020 we will be showcasing a wide range of real working examples of IoT and ICoT including for education, the intelligent workplace and environmental monitoring.

Data Education in Schools - A Data Driven Innovation Event

27th February 2020 is the date for the inaugural University of Edinburgh Data-Driven Innovation ICOT conference focused on the technologies and services we are providing across south east Scotland to support the next wave of development in IoT: intelligent connected things.

FinTech and The Data Lab: MSc Placement Collider Event

Join us for an evening of discussion, debate and information on The Data Lab's groundbreaking Masters Placement Programme!

Mason Institute Winter Lecture

Mason Institute Winter Lecture with Dr Sheelagh McGuinness from the University of Bristol Law School.

EIT Digital 2021 Call Workshop

This workshop is hosted by the UK Node to run through the provisional call documentation and application for EIT 2021.

Careers in Tech & Data 2020 Graduate Recruitment Fare

The Careers in Tech & Data Fair offers a chance to meet with intelligent and motivated undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in working in the IT/Technology sector.

Tricks of the trade: ‘how to do research’

The aim of this seminar is to stimulate ways of thinking ‘outside the box’ – how to explore the challenge of doing something new: being ambitious, beyond conservatism.

Mathematical models in the age of ‘big data’ and AI

Mathematical models of cities offer an illustration of the use of models to respond to real challenges.

Edinburgh First Menu Tasting

Edinburgh First is The University of Edinburgh's preferred conference and events organiser. This event will allow you to join us to sample Edinburgh First’s delicious food and network with the dedicated team. It will also give you the chance to find out more about Edinburgh First’s services regarding conferences, events, event management and catering.

Emerging Cyber-Risk Challenges for Finance, Insurance and Technology Sectors

This workshop on the protection for cyber risk will bring academics and practitioners people who wouldn’t ordinarily get the chance to meet, share ideas and collaborate to develop products and risk management techniques to protect the economic damage of industry.

Online Platforms and Digital Advertising

Online Platforms and Digital Advertising: matters arising from the CMA’s Market Study Interim Report.

Putting Ethics At The Centre of Artificial Intelligence

Scotland Data Science & Technology Meetup

AIAI Seminar - Turning Data into Value - Celonis Process Mining

The talk will cover an introduction to Process Mining both from an academic and applied perspective, its application in data-driven management today, as well as a hands-on case study in the software. The session will also include insights into the unicorn story of Celonis.

terra_Nova Hackathon

The hackathon will help students gain the skills necessary to start a job in the downstream space industry.

Regional Hubs: Fundraising Landscape & Opportunity

AGORA evening on the fundraising landscape and opportunities for startups in Edinburgh!

Galvanised: connecting science, engineering and the arts in the Edinburgh Futures Institute

This semester, a series of seminars have been organised by Professor Richard Morris in conjunction with the Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI) involving fellow science and engineering colleagues in the University. The first of these is at 4 pm on 17 January 2020 in the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (High School Yards).

Legal Tech Breakfast: The Future of Legal Services in the age of AI

We’re bringing Scotland’s Law Tech community together to discuss the future of legal services in an age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and innovation.

Collider: Digitising our World Heritage Site

How could new technologies help to survey and track historic Edinburgh?

GPU Programming with CUDA

Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) were originally developed for computer gaming and other graphical tasks, but for many years have been exploited for general purpose computing in a number of areas

Hands-On Introduction to HPC

This course provides a general introduction to High Performance Computing (HPC) using the UK national HPC service, ARCHER, and/or Cirrus as the platforms for the exercises.

How to...Network Successfully

Do you want to feel more confident, to learn how to introduce yourself and how to uncover opportunities? Come join us as we learn and practice the soft skills of face to face and online interactions.

Digital research-related opportunities for PhD students

Join us for an information session on digital research-related opportunities for PhD students at the University of Edinburgh

HPC Carpentry Course

This course introduces accessing remote advanced computing facilities via the command line and High Performance Computing (HPC).

Decision-support in litigation

An event ran by the Royal Statistical Society discussing Decision-support in litigation.

The Remuneration and Nominations Committees

FWB Park Brown and The University of Edinburgh Business School are delighted to launch the Non-Executive Director Programme – back for a third year amidst popular demand

How to...collaborate across disciplines successfully

We are living and working in times that are more complex than ever. Change is a constant. Embracing the unpredictable and interconnected nature of this ever-changing world will be at the heart of future learning and working.

Data Science, Technology and Innovation - Information session

Data Science, Technology and Innovation is a University-wide online learning postgraduate programme

NTT DATA UK Open Innovation 10.0: Edinburgh

Each year, NTT DATA hosts a global Open Innovation Contest for high potential startups across industries and a wide range of technologies from AI to IoT to FinTech

Academics Unplugged - Dr Murray Collins

Academics Unplugged is an opportunity for researchers to introduce their work to staff and students from across the College. These short talks provide the opportunity for University staff and students to engage directly with cutting-edge researchers

Maxwell Minisymposium in PDE

The minisymposium is a joint event between the University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt, focusing on pure PDE.

Effective Data Visualisation

Identifying and telling clear stories with your data presentations can dramatically improve its value, ensuring you create an impact on your audience and drive the actions you need

The Fusion of New Technology with Financial Services – FinTech: An opportunity for NXDs

FWB Park Brown and The University of Edinburgh Business School are delighted to launch the Non-Executive Director Programme – back for a third year amidst popular demand

EIT Digital - Digital Tech Networking Event - 5G

This event provides an opportunity to learn about Scotland's future wireless communications & about EIT Digital’s co-funding initiatives

IP Seminar: The role of the inventor in commercialising innovation

This joint Edinburgh Innovations and Murgitroyd IP seminar will provide an overview of the invention process and journey at the University of Edinburgh from an Inventor’s perspective. 

RBS Challenge Workshop

How would you use graph based algorithms to discover the communities hidden within a population? Want to put your skills into practice?

Reducing Barriers to HPC Adoption for SMEs

This workshop will introduce SMEs to HPC-Europa3, a funding programme designed to facilitate the uptake of high performance computing (HPC).

The Art of the Possible - A Bright Sustainable Future

Space Technology Scotland will be partnering with the Data Driven Innovation Programme and the University of Edinburgh’s School of Design informatics to host the event in Edinburgh.

Space and Sustainable Development Goals in Scotland

Join us for an afternoon of networking and learning more about the opportunities in space in Scotland.

Scotland: The Next Frontier, Getting under the skin of Scotland’s space industry

Informatics Ventures and TalentSpark/Eden Scott invite you to ‘take off’ into a S.P.A.C.E analysis of Scotland’s ability to create a thriving space ecosystem.

The Audit Committee

FWB Park Brown and The University of Edinburgh Business School are delighted to launch the Non-Executive Director Programme – back for a third year amidst popular demand

Digital Trustees Scotland

Digital Trustees Scotland brings tech and charity together. Charities across Scotland require digital specialists to join their board of trustees. Digital specialists across Scotland want to volunteer their time effectively in a strategic role but often don’t know where to start.

Experiments Using Data & AI for Tourism and Festivals

Join Travel Massive Edinburgh on Thursday 31 October from 6-9pm at the Bayes Centre, University of Edinburgh, for their second data driven tourism event focusing on the use of data and AI for tourism and festivals!

Statistics Afternoon on Risk, Noise and Extremes

World experts Jonathan Rougier (Rougier Consulting Ltd.), Georg Lindgren (Prof. Em., Lund University), Jonathan Tawn (Prof. Lancaster University) will introduce topics in risk, noise, and extreme events.

Bayes Talks : Chris Tucker : A Planet of 3 Billion

Global and Geospatial expert and author of his new book "A planet of 3 billion" Chris Tucker, will be discussing his new book and answering audience questions 25th October at the Informatics Forum.

Boardroom Dynamics and Crisis Situations

FWB Park Brown and The University of Edinburgh Business School are delighted to launch the Non-Executive Director Programme – back for a third year amidst popular demand

The Metamorphosis of Data at Wood Mackenzie

Working for the last year + on the new data platform for Wood Mackenzie with a focus on data ingestion framework and processing using Kafka, Python, Java and AWS Serverless. Keen interest in Data Engineering.

Murgitroyd IP Seminars - Patenting Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are developing in many fields of technology. This seminar will explore how to secure patents on AI inventions in Europe.

Bayes Talks: Online Learning and Management for Edge Computing in IoT

Internet-of-Things (IoT) envisions an intelligent infrastructure of networked smart devices offering task-specific monitoring and control services.

The Data Revolution: Ethical Challenges

FWB Park Brown and The University of Edinburgh Business School are delighted to launch the Non-Executive Director Programme – back for a third year amidst popular demand

Centre for Statistics—Symposium on Training and Education

What distinguishes a Graduate Statistician? Ed Humpherson, Director General of Regulation at the UK Statistics Authority will make the case that statistician's most precious possession is their trustworthiness. John MacInnes RSS Vice President (Professional Affairs) will present the new accreditation process of the Royal Statistical Society.

The Data Revolution: Understanding the Landscape

FWB Park Brown and The University of Edinburgh Business School are delighted to launch the Non-Executive Director Programme – back for a third year amidst popular demand

HPC User Forum

The HPC User Forum was established in 1999 to promote the health of the global HPC industry and address issues of common concern to users.

MSc Industry Projects briefing

Could your business benefit from a funded 3-month project focusing on your HPC and data analytics requirements?

When networks go bad: queues, delays and bottlenecks

As part of ICMS Maths Week Scotland 2019 celebrations, llze Ziedins (University of Auckland) will give a public lecture entitled When networks go bad: queues, delays, and bottlenecks

Visit Bayes on Edinburgh Doors Open Day

The Bayes Centre opens its doors to visitors this autumn as part of Edinburgh Doors Open Days

Scotland Fintech - UiPath Transforming Finance with Intelligent Automation

Scotland Fintech Festival will take place in September 2019 between the 9th and the 27th across Scotland

The Role of the NXD in Growing a Company

FWB Park Brown and The University of Edinburgh Business School are delighted to launch the Non-Executive Director Programme – back for a third year amidst popular demand

Value of Data: Data as a Force for Good

Building on the DMA's Value of Data campaign, and in collaboration with Fintech Scotland, we'll be exploring how data can be used to build better, fairer and more transparent services

UK-Japan robotics and AI research collaboration workshops

The workshop will bring together leading researchers in AI and Robotics from Japan and the UK

An Evening with the Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars

The Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars - recently selected as best fintech accelerator in Europe - has opened the applications for its 2020 programme in London.

Financing and Funding Growth Companies and Managing the Investor

FWB Park Brown and The University of Edinburgh Business School are delighted to launch the Non-Executive Director Programme – back for a third year amidst popular demand

Doing data right: Through people and partnerships

How big can data science become in the region, and what needs to be done to make it the data capital of Europe?

Ethical Intelligence Launch Party

Ethical Intelligence Associates invites you to a night of celebration as we officially launch to the public!

Bayes Talks: Data Driven Innovation in EDINA

Readying EDINA for our role in building the Data Capital of Europe - building on 20 years of data expertise and edtech

Design Informatics Pavilion and Data Lates: Out of hours exhibition

The Design Informatics Pavilion is a pop-up exhibition space designed by biomorphis architects featuring a range of objects and experiences that invite you to step into the future

3D Laser Scanners and the “Datafication” of Expertise

Institute for the Study of Science, Technology and Innovation

NES Digital Service: Health Data Science in NHS Scotland - presented by Geoff Huggins

The NES Digital Service will present an informal seminar to outline our work to the Bayes community, to demo an early product and to highlight ways to get involved with our work

Tech Nation Report - UK Tech on the Global Stage

Tech Nation, the UK network for ambitious tech entrepreneurs

Message-passing Programming with MPI @ EPCC

This event is aimed at researchers in industry and academia who want to learn how to use HPC to further their own work in computational or data science

DMA Talent’s Creative Data Academy - Industry reception

Our new mission seeks to nurture the next generation of aspiring marketers; to advance careers; and to guide and inspire industry leaders

Hands-On Introduction to High Performance Computing

This course provides a general introduction to High Performance Computing (HPC) using the UK national HPC service, ARCHER, and/or Cirrus as the platforms for the exercises

Inclusion-Exclusion in mathematics and beyond

Who stays in, who falls out, why it happens and what we could do about it

Bayes Talks: AI & Ethics: the view down under - presented by Professor Toby Walsh

Toby Walsh - Scientia Professor of Artificial Intelligence

Edinburgh Slow-Fast-Ival

Workshop provided by the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences

BBC Talk Machine Learning and Data

This months Scotland Data Science & Technology Meetup

HEDQF Fifth Annual Conference

The fifth Higher Education Design Quality Forum (HEDQF) Annual Conference will be held at The University of Edinburgh

Creating World Class Fintech Innovation

A half-day Digital Finance Networking Event, focussed on the future of Fintech in Scotland and the opportunities for universities, corporates and start-ups within this thriving ecosystem

NVIDIA Acceleration Workshop

NVIDIA will present their CUDA Platform for accelerated computing

Object Data Driven Discovery

Lecture by Prof. Ian Dryden, organised by the Centre for Statistics

Bayes Talks: EPCC Lightning Talks session

EPCC: World-class computing on your doorstep

Engage Invest Exploit (EIE)

Powered by Informatics Ventures

Bayes Talks: Introduction to the Software Sustainability Institute

Overview of the important role that software plays in research and innovation

Bayes Talks: Introduction to Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship

Come and find out about the Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship Team at the School of Informatics

Bayes Talks: An Introduction to the Bayes Centre

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Bayes Talks series with our first talk: “An Introduction to the Bayes Centre”

A Hands-On Introduction to Data Science in Health

This interactive, practical workshop includes a wide range of activities, from group discussions and case studies, to talks and pair programming activities