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[07/11/23] Partner Event - Locally Nameless Syntax and Semantics

Join Huawei and Andrew Pitts for this tech talk, taking place on 7th of November.

[06/11/23] Samples of Mathematics In Data

The School of Mathematics is excited to take part in the DataFest Fringe organised by the DataLab as part of the DataFest 2023; join them as they hear from five speakers about the importance that mathematics plays in data.

[21/10/23] Partner Event - TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh

TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh 2023 will explore 'The Great Unknown' - how can we make systems more trustworthy, reliable and effective?

[17/10/23] The Turing Lectures: Addressing the risks of generative AI | How AI broke the internet (part 2)

Join the Alan Turing Institute as they explore the various angles of large-language models and generative AI in the public eye. Across three lectures, they aim to provide a comprehensive, thoughtful and engaging understanding of this rapidly emerging field and its impact on society.

[28 - 29 / 09/23] University of Edinburgh event: Creative Informatics Innovation Showcase 2023

Register for the Creative Informatics Innovation Showcase and celebrate the visionary people and groundbreaking projects that have been part of, and inspired, the Creative Informatics programme over the past five years.

[10/10/23] Partner event - Graphical Languages for Quantum Computation

Join Huawei and Marc de Visme for this tech talk, taking place on 10th October.

[27/09/23] Bayes Centre Event: Bayes Monthly Refresh

Drop-in, pick up a drink and refresh yourself at the end of each month at our Bayes Monthly Refresh. (no sign-up required). This event is open to all Bayes building residents.

[22/09/23] The Turing Lectures: What is generative AI?

Join the Alan Turing Institute as they will delve into the world of generative AI and explore what it is, how it works, its history and reliability.

[24/09/23] Bayes Centre Event: Doors Open Day

Join us as we open our doors to you as part of the Edinburgh Doors Open Day. Take a tour around the building, learning all about what we do and meet some of our Members & Partners, chatting to them and hearing about what they do in our building.

[21/09/23] Partner Event - The MillenniumDB graph database system

Join Huawei and Domagoj Vrgoč for this tech talk, taking place on 21st of September.

[14/09/23] Partner Event - The Role of Data Visualisation in Aiding Transparency: Women in Data & AI

Join the Data Lab for this opportunity to connect with women working in data, AI & tech, to build relationships, share challenges, and explore opportunities to support one another.

[18/09/23] Bayes Centre Event: Bayes Innovation Fellows Information Session

Join us for an in-depth look at both the Bayes Seed Fund and Bayes Innovation Fellows programmes.

[13/09/23] Bayes Centre Event: AI Accelerator Launch Event

Join us for the launch of the 2023 University of Edinburgh AI Accelerator programme at the Bayes Centre. This event is open to Bayes Centre Members and Partners and Accelerator participants.

[13/09/23] Partner Event - System Architectures for Databases on Modern Hardware

Join Huawei and Jens Teubner for this tech talk, taking place on 13th of September.

[12/09/23] Partner Event - Optimisation-Driven Scalable Byzantine Consensus and Its Applications

Join Huawei and Xiao Chen for this tech talk, taking place on 12th of September.

[07/09/23] Partner Event - Network building for digital technology and the circular economy - Workshop 2

Do you work on research on circular economy and/or digital technology? Do you want to work with others across the University and beyond on framing and responding to research challenges? Then come to EFI and Edinburgh Innovations Digital Tech & Circular Economy community’s next event!

[05/08/23 - 28/08/23] Partner Event - The Sounds of Deep Fake

An exhibition curated by the Design Informatics, brings together work from the Theodore Koterwas, Everest Pipkin, and Unit Test to explore how artists are working with AI and sound, and how the creative use of this technology highlights some of the ethical challenges surrounding AI.

[06/09/23 - 10/09/23] Partner Event - Imagining Futures: AI on Film

Tickets are now on sale for Imagining Futures: AI on Film Festival. The festival will showcase classic and contemporary films about AI and invite AI experts to lead the debate on whether they hit or miss the mark of AI fact.

[15/08/23] Partner Event - Making and Deepfaking the News

An interactive workshop about journalism in the age of artificial intelligence.

[31/08/23] University of Edinburgh Event - Intro to modern Generalised Additive Models in R

Prof Simon Wood will lead an introductory two-day course on statistical modelling using GAMs in R.

[27/07/23] Bayes Centre Event: Michael Rovatsos Farewell Reception

Join us at the Bayes Centre to bid farewell to our Director, Professor Michael Rovatsos. This event is open to Bayes Centre Members and Partners.

[04/07/23] Partner Event - CRDTs: State-based approaches to high availability

Join Huawei and Carlos Baquero for the next Tech Talk, taking place on 4th of July.

Educating Engineers for Safe AI

Decorative Image showing the Bayes Centre
Join the Alan Turing Institute and The Bayes Centre for a workshop exploring the safe & trustworthy design and use of AI & ML in research.

Partner Event - Embracing Alternative Perspectives: Neurodiversity in Data & AI

Join the Data Lab on Wed 28th June for a panel discussion where they will explore the experiences, challenges, and successes of neurodivergent professionals working in data & AI.

Partner Event - Generalising Model Comparison Games

Join Huawei and Yoàv Montacute for this tech talk, taking place on 21st of March.

Harmonising Energy Models and Data to Aid Decisions on Net Zero Transition

This half-day workshop focuses on enhancing the impact that integrated models and data can have on our future low-carbon energy systems.

Partner Event - Robotics in a sustainable world: accelerating or hindering?

Join the National Robotarium on 30th of June for this event focused on developing robotics for a more sustainable world. Sponsored by SICSA.

Partner Event - Large scale structure aware anaphora resolution using QNLP

Join Huawei and Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh for the next tech talk, taking place in person and online on 20th of June.

University of Edinburgh Event - Centre for Electronics Frontiers Invited Seminar

Join the Centre for Electronics Frontiers on 13th of June for their seminar featuring Professor David Skellern, Technology Entrepreneur and Wi-Fi pioneer. This event is open to all staff and students.

Partner Event - ICMS Public Lecture: From Equations to Ecosystems

Join ICMS for this public lecture given by Dr. Koustubh Sharma of the International Snow Leopard Trust. A reception with snacks and wine will follow.

Bayes Centre Event: Entrepreneurship: Unlocking Research Impact (Informatics)

Join us to learn how the Bayes Innovation Pipeline can support taking your research out of the lab and into the marketplace.This event is open to postgraduate students, post docs or early career researchers.

Partner Event - Global to Local Environmental Exploration with Data Science and AI Innovations

Topics to be discussed are the existing and prospective challenges we face of our Global to Local Environment Exploration (GLEE) in Data Science and AI innovation and the critical need to invest in a sustainable future, maximise all our research capabilities and examine the environment we create, work and live in.

Partner Event - Global Software Techonology Summit 2023

Huawei logo
Join Huawei from 31st May to 2nd June, 2023 for the Global Software Technology Summit. Register Today!

Bayes Centre Event: Entrepreneurship: Unlocking Research Impact in Biological Sciences

Join us on 1st of June to hear about the opportunities for postgraduate students and early career researchers to explore entrepreneurship as a route to creating impact from research.

Bayes Centre Event: Bayes Centre Forum - May

We're delighted to invite you to the Bayes Centre’s May Forum, taking place online and in-person at the Nucleus Building, on 30th May from 12:15 – 13:05. This free hybrid event will focus on opportunities to engage with the Bayes Centre.

Edinburgh Mathematical Biology Conference

The main goal of the conference is to offer a platform for a range of researchers from within the United Kingdom and the Continent to share recent advances in mathematical modelling in biology.

Partner Event - Bring Your Own Kernel! Constructing High-Performance Data Systems

Holger Pirk will give a talk, in person and online, for the Coffee House Tech Talk Series

Partner Event: EIT Digital | AI in Healthcare: Advancements & Ethical Considerations

Join EIT Digital for a thought-provoking virtual event on "AI in Healthcare: Advancements & Ethical Considerations." Professor Miguel Bernabeu, Deputy Director of the Bayes Centre  is a keynote speaker at the event. He will be sharing insights on the latest advancements in AI in healthcare.

Partner Event - Using Synthetic DNA for Data Storage and Processing

Thomas Heinis will give a talk, in person and online, for the Coffee House Tech Talk Series.

Bayes Centre Community Event - Round Table Discussion

Come along and enjoy a light lunch on us and take the opportunity to discuss some key data topics at our round table event kindly co-hosted by the School of Informatics Data Science Unit (DSU) and the EPCC (UoE’s Supercomputing centre). This event is open to Bayes Centre Members and Partners.