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[27/03/24] Monthly Scottish Blockchain Meetup

The Scottish Blockchain Meetup aims to enhance dialogue, empower blockchain app developers, and improve tech skills, promoting diversity in opinions and covering topics from web3 philosophy to NFTs and blockchain's societal impacts.

[12/03/24] Partner Event - Creative Informatics: Catalysing Edinburgh’s Creative Community to Innovate with Data

Join Huawei and Melissa Terras for the tech talk, taking place on 16 April 2024.

[12/04/24] Edinburgh Science Festival Event: Ectocarpus: When Seaweed Meets Dance

In this performance, researchers from the RSE Saltire project Geography of Collaborations explore with choreographer Brendan Le Delliou of Frichti Concept, how dance can aid our work to map and analyse global research collaboration, such as in seaweed research.

[10/04/24] Edinburgh Science Festival Event: How Will AI Shape our Health?

Explore the role of AI in shaping our future health. Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform the future of healthcare. With AI we can learn more from medical images, improve the way we look after patients, rethink the way we diagnose disease, and give doctors more time to focus on the things that humans do best.

[04/04/24] Edinburgh Science Festival Event: Healthy Pregnancies, Healthy Lives

Join this interactive workshop highlighting cutting edge pregnancy research. Flash talks from interdisciplinary researchers will show how health in pregnancy builds lifelong health for parents, children and communities.

[04/04/24] Partner Event -Prototype your own MRI Sequence [Workshop]

Join the Institute for Design Informatics in transforming the complex world of MRI physics – Making controlling a three million dollar medical device as easy as operating a smartphone.

[04/04/24] Partner Event - MRI Sequence Composition Beyond Academia [Talk]

Magnetic resonance imaging is the most complex technology medical imaging has to offer. This talk will show how MRI experts join forces to make this magic accessible to students, clinical staff, artists, and even the broader public.

[03/04/24] Edinburgh Science Festival Event: Identity by Algorithm

This conversation between bioethicists, philosophers, and data specialists invites you to consider whether you want to outsource the job of deciding ‘what sorts of people we can be’ to algorithms.

[09/04/24] Edinburgh Science Festival Event: Perspectives on Mental Health

Join  experts for a documentary film screening and panel discussion exploring mental health. While the film explores the lived experience of hearing voices and other unusual sensory perceptions, their researchers discuss the history of mental health research and today’s cutting edge use of brain scans and genetics.

[02/04/24] Edinburgh Science Festival Event: How to Look After Your Brain

Learn how you can look after your amazing brain in this interactive discussion. In this discussion with Dr Catherine Pennington from Edinburgh Dementia Prevention, they will discuss the knowns and unknowns of brain health. How do we slow down brain ageing? Can we prevent dementia? Is staying sharp into old age down to your genes, your environment or just good luck?

[08/04/24] Edinburgh Science Festival Event: Carbon Capture and Storage for a Net-Zero Future

Explore the latest technologies to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in this deep-dive discussion. Join researchers from The School of Geosciences and The School of Social and Political Science who will be discussing the role of the latest technologies and nature-based solutions to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in tackling climate change.

[05/04/24] Edinburgh Science Festival Event: Microphones, Microscopes, Micrographia

Experience a series of musical compositions inspired by early microscope technology. Robert Hooke’s remarkable 1655 book ‘Micrographia’ details the wonderful sights viewed through early microscope and telescope lenses. His spectacular hand-drawn images of fleas, snowflakes and cells have become world-famous.

[28/03/24] Spatial resilience of complex ecosystems

Join this talk on "Spatial Resilience of Complex Ecosystems," taking place at the Bayes Centre on Thursday, 28 March, and online via Zoom.

[19/03/24 - 20/03/24] Partner Event - AI UK 2024

The Alan Turing Institute’s national showcase of data science and artificial intelligence (AI), will take place for a fourth year on 19 - 20 March 2024.

[22/03/24] - [24/03/24]Partner Event - ASA DataFest 2024 @ EDI

ASA DataFest is a data analysing group competition for all undergraduate students at the University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University who have an interest in working with data.

[12/03/24] Partner Event - 2-Dimensional Monads and Concurrency

Join Huawei and Hugo Paquet for the tech talk, taking place on 12 March 2024.

[05/03/24] Partner Event - Parameterized algebraic theories and applications

Join Huawei and Cristina Matache for the tech talk, taking place on 5 March 2024.

[14/02/24] Bayes Centre Community Event - Geovation Scotland Takeover

Join us for our next Bayes Community Event, where Geovation Scotland takes over the Bayes Centre. Geovation Scotland will provide some insight into what they do and some of their companies will give lightning talks about themselves and the work they are doing. This event is open to all Bayes building residents.

[06/03/24]Bayes Centre Event: Bayes Community Event – Workplace Wellbeing Talk

Join us as we welcome Sarah Shimmen, as she gives a talk on “workplace wellbeing: creating safe & positive workplaces.” This event is open to all Bayes Centre building residents.

[19/02/24] RSS Edinburgh Hosts an Evening with the William Guy Lecturers

The RSS Edinburgh Local Group will be hosting an evening with the William Guy lecturers where each will share aspects of their WG talks and research fields before answering questions. There will then be the opportunity to network after this.

[24/01/24] Bayes Centre Community Event - Burns Night

Join us for our first community event of 2024, our Bayes Burns Night. This event is open to all Bayes Centre building residents.

[30/10/23 - 31/10/23] 2nd Annual Scottish Black Talent Summit & Hiring Fair 2023

 The 2nd Scottish Black Talent Summit & Hiring Fair taking place on 30th and 31st October 2023, will bring together Government, Talent Acquisition leaders, HR professionals and other stakeholders to explore successful strategies and new developments in the recruitment and retention of untapped talent pool.

[09/01/23] Partner Event - Data Types with Negation

Join Huawei and Bob Atkey for this tech talk, taking place on 9th of January.

[07/12/23] Edinburgh Fluid Dynamics Group Colloquium Professor Matthew Juniper

The Edinburgh Fluid Dynamics Group is pleased to welcome Professor Matthew Juniper as the next speaker in their new series of colloquia on Thursday 7th December.

[18/11/23 - 19/11/23] Partner Event - Inspace Exhibition and Opening Reception : Ximulacra

Join upcoming Design Informatics exhibition and opening reception, Ximulacra featuring artist talk by Shankar Saanthakumar, showcasing a digital-analogue installation in collaboration with Zhu Runzi and Low Tech Art Lab. Ximulacra is a robot which scans analogue film photo negatives of mountain scenes and re-interprets them as dance!

[06/12/23] The Turing Lectures: The future of generative AI | How AI broke the internet (part 3)

Join the Alan Turing Institute for the final lecture of the series. They will explore the potential futures of generative AI, and what they could mean for AI applications as the technology progresses.

[06/12/23] - [19/12/23] Exhibition | Who Cares

Join upcoming Inspace City Screens exhibition and opening event, featuring the launch of Who Cares multi-screen moving image work alongside talks and a panel discussion with artist Caroline Broadhead, dancemaker Angela Woodhouse, guest speakers Nichole Fernandez and Susan Lechelt.   

[29/11/23] Bayes Centre Event: Bayes Monthly Refresh

Drop-in, pick up a drink and refresh yourself at the end of each month at our Bayes Monthly Refresh. (no sign-up required). The Bayes Monthly Refresh on 29th November will be a bake sale in aid of the Cash for Kids appeal 2023. Open to all Bayes building residents.

[29/11/23] Applications of AI in SME Manufacturing

Join the Smart Manufacturing Data Hub Community as they explore the future of AI in SME manufacturing and discover how AI-driven technologies could help you to revolutionise your production processes.

[01/12/23] Edinburgh Robotics Meetup

Come along to the third Edinburgh Robotics Meet Up, taking place on 1st December at the Bayes Centre. This is a chance to socialise and network with a variety of professionals, academics and enthusiasts across Edinburgh.

[15/11/23] Bayes Community Event - Motivation & Strategic Success

Join us for our next Bayes Community Event: Understanding Motivation & How It Impacts Your Strategic Success with Jo Lee Coaching. This event is open to Bayes Centre Members and Partners.

[07/11/23] Partner Event - Locally Nameless Syntax and Semantics

Join Huawei and Andrew Pitts for this tech talk, taking place on 7th of November.

[06/11/23] Samples of Mathematics In Data

The School of Mathematics is excited to take part in the DataFest Fringe organised by the DataLab as part of the DataFest 2023; join them as they hear from five speakers about the importance that mathematics plays in data.

[21/10/23] Partner Event - TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh

TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh 2023 will explore 'The Great Unknown' - how can we make systems more trustworthy, reliable and effective?

[17/10/23] The Turing Lectures: Addressing the risks of generative AI | How AI broke the internet (part 2)

Join the Alan Turing Institute as they explore the various angles of large-language models and generative AI in the public eye. Across three lectures, they aim to provide a comprehensive, thoughtful and engaging understanding of this rapidly emerging field and its impact on society.

[28 - 29 / 09/23] University of Edinburgh event: Creative Informatics Innovation Showcase 2023

Register for the Creative Informatics Innovation Showcase and celebrate the visionary people and groundbreaking projects that have been part of, and inspired, the Creative Informatics programme over the past five years.

[10/10/23] Partner event - Graphical Languages for Quantum Computation

Join Huawei and Marc de Visme for this tech talk, taking place on 10th October.

[27/09/23] Bayes Centre Event: Bayes Monthly Refresh

Drop-in, pick up a drink and refresh yourself at the end of each month at our Bayes Monthly Refresh. (no sign-up required). This event is open to all Bayes building residents.

[22/09/23] The Turing Lectures: What is generative AI?

Join the Alan Turing Institute as they will delve into the world of generative AI and explore what it is, how it works, its history and reliability.

[24/09/23] Bayes Centre Event: Doors Open Day

Join us as we open our doors to you as part of the Edinburgh Doors Open Day. Take a tour around the building, learning all about what we do and meet some of our Members & Partners, chatting to them and hearing about what they do in our building.