Bayes Centre

[06/11/23] Samples of Mathematics In Data

About the event

Hear from five of the School of Mathematics's academic researchers as they present quick-fire spotlight talks:

  1. How many islands are there?
  2. How statistics keeps the lights on
  3.  Bayesian inverse reinforcement learning: Teaching your computer to take over your chores
  4. Data-driven Optimization Under Uncertainty: Bridging Real-world Challenges with Mathematics
  5.  Planning outages in the electricity system - Data and models for better decisions
Nov 06 2023 -

[06/11/23] Samples of Mathematics In Data

The School of Mathematics is excited to take part in the DataFest Fringe organised by the DataLab as part of the DataFest 2023; join them as they hear from five speakers about the importance that mathematics plays in data.

G.03, The Bayes Centre