Sharing things

Season five

Sharing things is back and discovering the often hidden things that connect our University community. Join us from Thursday 30 September 2021 for season 5 of the podcast and expand your world with new people and new conversations.

Season five trailer - listen now

Sharing things season 5
Season five of Sharing things launches on 7 October 2021. Here's a sneak peak of what to expect.

5.1 Kate and Ayanda - listen now

Kate and Ayanda
Season five of Sharing things is here! In our opening episode, guests Kate Stewart and Ayanda Ngobeni talk about sweet memories, cultural identity and friendships as family.

5.2 Kevin and Aisha - listen now

Kevin and Aisha
Guests Kevin Harman and Aisha Holloway talk about emotion, identity and an unexpected detective agency.

5.3 George and Tammy - listen now

George and Tammy
Guests George McGavin and Tammy Piper talk about grasping opportunity, science communication and all the small things.

5.4 David and Caroline - listen now

David and Caroline
Guests David Weinczok and Caroline Norton talk about escaping in nature, imposter syndrome and finding treasure (everywhere).

5.5 Nuam and Olivia - listen now

Nuam and Olivia
Guests Nuam Hatzaw and Olivia Sweeney talk about family ties, intersectionality and figuring out where home is.

5.6 Lily and Debora - listen now

Lily and Debora
Guests Lily Mellon and Debora Kayembe talk about making history, uncovering stories and taking time for yourself.

5.7 Super Snippet Special - listen now

Sharing things season 5 guests
A compilation of memorable and thought-provoking moments from season 5 of the podcast.

5.8 Gift edition - listen now

In this special Christmas edition of Sharing things, hear our listeners reflect on their favourite gifts.