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A compilation of memorable and thought-provoking moments from season 5 of the podcast.

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About the episode

So that was Sharing things season 5. Thank you to all our amazing guests. To Kevin, Aisha, George, Tammy, David, Caroline, Nuam, Olivia, Lily and Debora. We started with a mini mission to explore hidden and unexpected corners of our university community and what emerged was a fascinating conversational journey through identity, opportunity, escape, family and home. As our new guide, Ayanda brought warmth, curiosity and infectious laughter. We had lots of favourite moments but these conversational snippets have stayed with us.

Whether you are a regular listener or new to the Sharing things world, we hope you enjoy season 5's final fling.

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Host: Ayanda Ngobeni

Theme music: Nathan Webb

Producers: Kate Stewart