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5.6 Lily and Debora - listen now

Guests Lily Mellon and Debora Kayembe talk about making history, uncovering stories and taking time for yourself.

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About our guests

Lily and Debora
Lily and Debora

Lily Mellon

Chosen object: broken Nintendo 64

Recording location: Edinburgh

Lily is currently completing her research Master’s in Scottish Ethnology, Celtic and Scottish Studies at the University, after graduating with an MA in Scottish Ethnology in 2020.

Alongside her studies, Lily is exploring Student Records for Underrepresented Student Narrative as the University Histories Archives Intern. You can listen to Lily on the monthly webinar ‘Meet the…Series’ (a live interview and Q&A session) as part of the VOiCE podcast – We’ve Got History Between Us.

Lily’s archivist work doesn’t end there, as she also interns with the Lothian Health Services Archives, part of the Centre for Research Collections at the University.

When she’s not studying or working, Lily loves nothing more than spending time with friends and family over a good board game or two.

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Debora Kayembe

Nintendo 64 and toy bear
Broken Nintendo 64 and Donald the bear

Chosen object: toy bear called Donald

Recording location: Edinburgh

Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Debora is the University’s 54th Rector.

Debora is a human rights lawyer and is passionate about advocating against issues such as racism, inequality, children in need, domestic violence and child abuse. From 2013 – 2016, Debora served as Scottish Refugee Council Board member and in 2017 founded the charity Full Options, promoting human rights and peace.

In 2019, she became the first African to have her portrait erected at the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Later in 2020, Debora launched the Freedom Walk campaign, which aims to lobby and campaign on behalf of citizens by promoting social reforms, racial justice and community harmony.

Debora Kayembe elected as Rector

A voice for human rights

Visit the Full Options website

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