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Guido: a new graduate on Platform One

Guido Bowen is a 2020 graduate of Spanish and Classics and has been using Platform One to stay connected to Edinburgh from his new home in Bratislava. He tells us how it's going so far.

Guido Bowen

"Where I am now"

I am now working for Amazon in Bratislava as a Finance Analyst for the Spanish and Italian markets. I collaborate with Amazon Suppliers in Spain as well as with internal departments and finance teams to ensure that all payments are processed in time and accurately. I hope to be in Bratislava going into 2021, but I'm also looking for opportunities to come back to Scotland soon - I miss Edinburgh a lot!

"Platform One has kept me close to Edinburgh"

Platform One has allowed me to find alumni in the Central Europe area that I otherwise wouldn't have known about. It's also allowed me to see what other graduates from my class have gotten up to since graduation – that’s given me with lots of inspiration.

"I’ve connected with another graduate in similar situation to mine"

There’s a great variety of people on Platform One but I’ve actually been able to connect with a fellow graduate who reached out to me via LinkedIn having seen my profile on the Platform! We're both Spanish-speaking alumni working in the Spanish corporate sector, and our plan is to stay connected, and exchange any job opportunities and networking insights.

"Platform One is part of my ongoing journey"

I'll continue using Platform One to reach out to any alumni who move to Bratislava (so far there's only a handful of us Edinburgh alumni here!), or who I find to be working in the same sort of roles as I want to have one day. Hopefully more networking opportunities will follow soon!

Platform One members don’t only share their education and professional experience with each other, their interests are an important part of who they are and how they connect with each other. Here are Guido’s passions:

Things I love doing: Hiking, exploring, and listening

The traits I most admire in others: Empathy, resilience, and curiosity

Things I care about: Human rights and equality, environmental issues, and endangered language research

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