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Help at hand - making your first connection

Find out how you can be supported to make the most of your Platform One experience and connections, including how-to videos.

Platform One - a community

Platform One is a community of people with common ground - it’s a friendly, welcoming online space and its members are more than happy to make new connections and offer support and advice. It is great tool for alumni, whether you’re looking for some additional industry tips to complement the advice already given to you by the Careers Service, or want to explore new fields and chat with people in jobs you’re interested in. 

Help at hand

It can sometimes be difficult to find time to take advantage of a new online network, and to know how to find the right people, and how to make the first approach. If that’s you, then there is help at hand. The Platform One team is available to guide you through making the most of your membership and finding someone relevant to connect with. Help is available with:

  • Understanding and finding your way around the Platform
  • Completing an effective profile
  • Finding a person to connect with
  • Writing and sending your first message on the Platform

How-to videos

1. How to sign-in to Platform One and access your personal profile

Video: Platform One - signing in to your profile
Instructions on how to sign in to Platform One

2. How to complete your profile

Video: Platform One - how to complete your profile
Instructions on how to complete your Platform One profile

3. How to search for someone and send a message

Video: Platform One - how to search and send a message
Platform One - video instructions on how to search for someone and send a message

Need more help?

Requesting some help is easy – simply click the button below and fill out the online form (UUN log-in required) to let us know what assistance you need. We will get back to you within 24 hours, and you will be on your way to establishing a meaningful connection with another member of Platform One. 

 Help at hand form