Class of 2020

Welcome to our newest alumni

You have joined a community of over 300,000 fellow graduates - a community of people who support and inspire each other, and who continue to play a crucial role in the life of the University. As you look to the future, you may have questions and need some inside information on how to start out on a particular career. Perhaps you have your journey mapped out and are looking for some useful resources and networks. Or you may be undecided about what steps to take next and looking for some advice. Wherever you are after graduation, being part of the Edinburgh alumni community and staying connected to the University will help and support you.

class of 2020 community

Stay in touch with fellow graduates and the University, and play your part in the University of Edinburgh community.

class of 2020 help

Connect with other alumni in various industries and fields on Platform One and get friendly advice from someone who's been in your shoes. Access tailored careers advice, too, and find support for your business idea.

class of 2020 learning

Find information on postgraduate opportunities - including a 20% scholarship, as well as online learning opportunities, and free personal development courses.