Resources for new graduates

You are part of Edinburgh's story

Welcome to your community of over 300,000 fellow graduates!

Jay, Molly, Zara, Gloria and Michael are five recent Edinburgh graduates, and they're here to introduce you to resources, advice, support and opportunities that are available to you right now. Just click through each section to find out what's on offer.

Portrait of Jay

Like Jay, you can continue to play your part in the University of Edinburgh community:

  • Stay in touch with fellow graduates and the University
  • Global clubs and groups
  • Podcasts and blogs
  • Campus benefits
Portrait of Molly Welsh

Molly knows about the importance of taking advice. Find out about help and support from your fellow grads and the University:

  • Platform One - the University's online community
  • Tailored careers advice
  • Support for your business idea
Portrait of Zara Zaman

Zara was a guest on the Multi Story Edinburgh podcast that features snapshots of life as a new graduate. Guests talk candidly about their experiences of the last year and their hopes for the future.

Portrait of Gloria Omuya

Gloria recommends looking into online learning and postgraduate opportunities:

  • Alumni scholarships
  • Free online courses
  • Postgraduate learning
  • Online journals and resources
Portrait of Michael Forward

Michael sign-posts several resources to support your personal journey as a new graduate:

  • Mental wellbeing support
  • Free personal development courses