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Stories and experiences from your fellow graduates.

The value in short-term work

Making short-term plans is often part of our career journeys after graduation, but temporary, seasonal and stop-gap roles don't have to feel like treading water. We spoke with a group of Edinburgh graduates who tell us how taking on short-term jobs and being open-minded about experiences has enhanced their skillset and subsequent career choices.

From a masters to three jobs

After graduating in 2015, Simen Holm decided to stay on at the University to complete a masters in Nationalism Studies. Now his combination of qualifications has left him in demand by employers. From working in the charity sector to managing sustainable development goals and freelance interpretation and translation, he tell us about his career journey and how he's in the unusual position of having three current jobs.

2021 graduates keeping climate in mind

Emma, Paulina, Savitri and Emma
We chat with four new graduates who have all decided to begin their career paths or continue studying with the environment and sustainability firmly in mind. Find out how they are striving to play their part in tackling green issues and climate change.

The Edinburgh community and me

alumni 2020
Connecting with other alumni, accessing online libraries, using the careers service - some recent graduates tell us how they've navigated the past year with the support and resources that come with being part of the University of Edinburgh community.

What would you tell your 2020 self?

Graduates and advice to 2020 self
The Multi Story Edinburgh podcast has been telling the stories of our 2020 graduates and what it's been like for them to graduate during a pandemic. But if they could go back and meet the June 2020 version of themselves, what would they say to them?

Georgi: a life in London and supporting others

Georgi Popov
Georgi is a 2018 Geography graduate who describes himself as a left-and-right-brained marketer with a few too many side hustles. He joined Platform One, the University's online meeting place, to connect with people from the Edinburgh community, and has ended up offering advice and support to some students and new graduates. Now a growth manager for an athletics shoe retailer, he tells us about his experiences so far.

Opportunities, obstacles... and Bake Off

Andrew Lin
In his own words, Andrew Lin (Chinese and History, 2020) was born between two cultures and is living between two continents. He has a passion for adventure and challenges, and tells us how he's faced the challenge of being a new graduate in 2020 through resourcefulness and keeping up with the University community.

Guido: a new graduate on Platform One

Guido Bowen
Guido Bowen is a 2020 graduate of Spanish and Classics and has been using Platform One to stay connected to Edinburgh from his new home in Bratislava. He tells us how it's going so far.