Student Administration

Academic Transcripts

Official record of course results


Current students and graduates (2012 onwards) can view and send their Higher Education Achievement Report (Transcript) electronically via the Electronic Document Service.

If paper copy is required this can be ordered and will be sent out in the mail within 10 working days.


For those who graduated before 2012 the documentation available varies depending on the degree held and the date of graduation. We will send you the appropriate version of your academic transcript.

Your academic transcript will provide details of degree examinations passed, and, for certain categories of student, the grade and mark awarded.

If we are unable to provide your academic transcript, we will forward your order on to the appropriate School/College contact and we will tell you that we have done so.

If you want to check whether we can provide you with an academic transcript before making your request you can do this via the Student Administration Transcript Information link below.

Student Administration Transcript Information

Please note that academic transcripts can only be requested by the graduate and not by a third party.

Emailed scanned copies (pre 2012 graduates)

If you would like your academic transcript to be sent to a prospective employer, or to another Academic Institution as a secure .pdf attachment, please provide the email address of the recipient on your order. The email address provided must be an institutional or business email address.

Please check with the recipient that they are willing to accept this before ordering.

Employers can also request to confirm dates of attendance and degree classification of students/graduates through making a Third Party Verification request.