Biological Sciences


Research Group List

WebsiteResearch InterestGroup Leader
Allen Group Immune modulation & effector mechanisms induced by helminths ALLEN, Judith Professor
Allshire Group Chromosome segregation: centromeric chromatin and kinetochore assembly ALLSHIRE, Robin Professor
Arnot Group Malaria molecular biology, epidemiology and vaccines ARNOT, David Professor
Arulanandam Group Structural Biology of Cell Division ARULANANDAM, Jeyaprakash Dr
Auer Group Innovative drug discovery AUER, Manfred Professor
Barker Group BARKER, Daniel
Barlow Group BARLOW, Paul Professor
Bayne Group Non-coding RNAs and chromatin modification in genome regulation BAYNE, Elizabeth Dr
Beggs Group mRNA splicing and links to transcription BEGGS, Jean Professor
Bell Group Evolution of social conflict BELL, Matthew Dr
Bird Group Reading the DNA methylation signal BIRD, Adrian Professor
Blackburn Group Developmental Immunology BLACKBURN, Clare Professor
Blakely Group Site-specific recombination in bacteria BLAKELY, Garry Dr
Blaxter Group The biology and evolution of nematodes, including the analysis of genes and gene families in the model nematode Caenorhabditis elegans BLAXTER, Mark Professor
Blin Group BLIN, Guillaume Dr
Boettcher Group Cryo-EM of macromolecular complexes BOETTCHER, Bettina Professor
Bownes Group Sex differentiation in Drosophila and oogenesis in Drosophila and mouse BOWNES, Mary Professor
Walkinshaw Group Structure and dynamics of biological macromolecules BRAMHAM, Janice Dr
Brickman Group Embryonic Patterning BRICKMAN, Joshua Dr
CIIE Micro-RNA function in the host-pathogen context BUCK, Amy Dr
Buonomo Group BUONOMO, Sara Dr
Cai Group synthetic genomics; design automation; CAI, Patrick Yizhi Dr
Cavanagh Group Human immune response to antigens from the erythrocytic stage of Plasmodium falciparum, with the aim of developing effective vaccines targeting these parasite proteins CAVANAGH, David Dr
Chambers Group Embryonic Stem Cell Biology CHAMBERS, Ian Professor
Colegrave Group Evolution of adaptation and diversity COLEGRAVE, Nick Dr
Collins Group Adaptation in complex environments COLLINS, Sinead Dr
Cook Group Complexes in RNA metabolism COOK, Atlanta Dr
Cunningham Group Evolutionary and behavioural ecology of reproductive strategies. Life-history evolution in particular, how life history decisions are affected by parasitism and disease. Sexual selection and sexual conflict CUNNINGHAM, Emma Dr
Doerner Group Plant Development & Evolution DOERNER, Peter Dr
Earnshaw Group Mitotic chromosome transactions EARNSHAW, Bill Professor
El Karoui Group Single molecule imaging EL KAROUI, Meriem Dr
Finnegan Group Transposable elements FINNEGAN, David Professor
Free Group Microbial communities and their applications in biotechnology and medicine FREE, Andrew Dr
French Group FRENCH, Vernon Dr
French Group Biosensors, biomass conversion, gene assembly FRENCH, Chris Professor
Fry Group Plant cell wall biochemistry FRY, Stephen Professor
Gallagher Group Bacterial physiology and vaccine development GALLAGHER, Maurice Professor
Edinburgh Genomics SNP and QTL mapping GHARBI, Karim Dr
Goodrich Group Plant Development & Evolution GOODRICH, Justin Dr
Goryachev Group Spatial aspects of cell signalling GORYACHEV, Andrew Dr
Granneman Group Ribosome biosynthesis GRANNEMAN, Sander Dr
Gray Group Immunological memory and T-B cell interactions GRAY, David Professor
Grima Group Modelling stochastic processes GRIMA, Ramon Dr
Hadfield Group Evolutionary quantitative genetics HADFIELD, Jarrod Dr
Halliday Group Biochemistry & Metabolomics. Plant Development & Evolution HALLIDAY, Karen Professor
Hardwick Group Mitosis and the spindle checkpoint HARDWICK, Kevin Professor
Heun Group HEUN, Patrick Dr
Horsfall Group Microbial biotechnology and synthetic biology HORSFALL, Louise Dr
Tyers Group Computational drug discovery HOUSTON, Douglas Dr
Hudson Group Plant Development & Evolution HUDSON, Andrew Professor
Interthal Group Repair of covalent protein-DNA complexes INTERTHAL, Heidrun Dr
Ivens Group Bioinformatics for genome analysis IVENS, Alasdair Dr
Edinburgh Genomics Evolutionary bioinformatics JONES, Martin Dr
Kaji Group Biology of Reprogramming KAJI, Keisuke Dr
Keightley Group The evolutionary impact of new mutations. The evolutionary analysis of genome sequences. Complex trait genetics KEIGHTLEY, Peter Professor
Kidner Group Plant Development & Evolution KIDNER, Catherine Dr
Knott Group Genetics of complex traits KNOTT, Sara Dr
Kunath Group Early Embryonic Lineages KUNATH, Tilo Dr
SynthSys Kinetic paramaterization LE BIHAN, Thierry Dr
Leach Group Replication, Recombination and Genome Stability LEACH, David Professor
Leigh-Brown Group Genetic variation and evolution of HIV, particularly the evolution of drug resistance LEIGH-BROWN, Andrew Professor
Lewis Group Population ecology, particularly the impact of individual variation on population processes LEWIS, Sue Dr
Little Group The evolutionary implications of parasitism and disease on host populations LITTLE, Tom Professor
Loake Group Plant Pathology & Fungal Biology LOAKE, Gary Professor
Lohse Group Population genomics and speciation LOHSE, Konrad Dr
Lowell Group Cell Differentiation LOWELL, Sally Dr
Macias Ribela Group MACIAS RIBELA, Sara
Maizels Group Immune modulating molecules of helminths MAIZELS, Rick Professor
Makovets Group Telomere biology MAKOVETS, Svetlana Dr
Marles-Wright Group signal processing MARLES-WRIGHT, Jon Dr
Marston Group Mechanisms of chromosome segregation MARSTON, Adele Professor
Matthews Group Cell biology of African trypanosomes MATTHEWS, Keith Professor
McCormick Group Plant molecular physiology and synthetic biology MCCORMICK, Alistair Dr
McLaughlin Group MCLAUGHLIN, Paul Dr
McQueen Group Dosage compensation, epigenetics and sex determination MCQUEEN, Heather Dr
Medvinsky Group Ontogeny of Haematopoietic Stem Cells MEDVINSKY, Alexander Professor
Michlewski Group Regulation of microRNA biogenesis MICHLEWSKI, Gracjan Dr
Millar Group Systems biology and biological clocks MILLAR, Andrew Professor
Milne Group Plant Development & Evolution MILNE, Richard Dr
Molina Group Computational biology and evolutionary genomics MOLINA, Nacho Dr
Molnar Group RNA silencing and epigenetic gene regulation in plants MOLNAR, Attila Dr
Moorad Group Evolution of ageing MOORAD, Jacob Dr
Mutapi Group Immunoepidemiology of human schistosomiasis MUTAPI, Francisca Dr
Nagy Group Photobiology NAGY, Ferenc Professor
Nakayama Group Biomechanics and synthetic morphology NAKAYAMA, Naomi Dr
Nurnberger Group NURNBERGER, Beate Dr
Nussey Group Evolutionary ecology and genetics of ageing and phenotypic plasticity NUSSEY, Daniel Dr
O'Carroll Group O'CARROLL, Donal Professor
Obbard Group The evolution of insect viruses and insect immune systems OBBARD, Darren Dr
Ohkura Group Chromosome segregation OHKURA, Hiroyuki Professor
Oparka Group Plant cell biology OPARKA, Karl Professor
CIIE The ecology and evolution of infectious diseases; particularly co-infection dynamics in wild mammals and disease emergence PEDERSEN, Amy Dr
Pemberton Group Using molecular techniques to investigate issues in behaviour, ecology and evolution in natural populations PEMBERTON, Josephine Professor
Phillimore Group Ecology and evolution on a macro-scale PHILLIMORE, Albert Dr
Pilizota Group Biophysics, bacterial stress response and measurements of single cell physiological changes PILIZOTA, Teuta Dr
Potocnik Group POTOCNIK, Alexandre Dr
Rambaut Group Molecular evolution and molecular epidemiology of RNA viruses; Computational techniques in molecular phylogenetics and evolution RAMBAUT, Andrew Professor
Rappsilber Group Protein organisation and composition of chromatin in normal and breast cancer cells RAPPSILBER, Juri Professor
Reece Group What makes a successful parasite REECE, Sarah Professor
Reid Group REID, Graeme Professor
Richardson Group Structural biology of DNA transposition RICHARDSON, Julia Dr
Ross Group Genetic conflict ROSS, Laura
Rosser Group ROSSER, Susan Professor
Rowe Group Cell biology of malaria infection and disease ROWE, Alex Professor
Savill Group Epidemiology and evolution of infectious diseases SAVILL, Nicholas Dr
Sawin Group Microtubule organisation and cell polarity SAWIN, Kenneth Professor
Schirmer Group Influence of the nuclear envelope on cell differentiation and genome architecture SCHIRMER, Eric Dr
Schnaufer Group Mitochondrial biology of trypanosomatid parasites SCHNAUFER, Achim Dr
Serrels Group SERRELS, Bryan Dr
Sharp Group Evolution of viruses; evolution of bacterial genomes SHARP, Paul Professor
Silvertown Group SILVERTOWN, Jonathan Professor
Smiseth Group Evolution of parental care, parent-offspring conflict, sexual conflict and sibling competition SMISETH, Per Dr
Smith Group Genome Engineering SMITH, Andrew Dr
Spence Group Plasmodium virulence and immunity to malaria SPENCE, Philip Dr
Spoel Group Signalling and transcription SPOEL, Steven Dr
Stancheva Group Epigenetic gene silencing in normal cells and cancer STANCHEVA, Irina Dr
Stone Group Molecular ecology of insect-plant interactions STONE, Graham Professor
Swain Group Systems biology of cellular decision-making SWAIN, Peter Professor
Matthews Group Phosphatases in parasite biology SZOOR, Balazs Dr
Taylor Group Computational drug discovery TAYLOR, Paul Dr
Taylor Group Priming and maintenance of regulatory and effector T cell responses during chronic helminth infections TAYLOR, Matthew Dr
Telfer Group Ovarian development TELFER, Evelyn Professor
Thompson Group Molecular biology of malaria parasites THOMPSON, Joanne Dr
Tollervey Group RNA processing and degradation TOLLERVEY, David Professor
Tomlinson Group Stem Cell Bioinformatics TOMLINSON, Simon Dr
Twyford Group TWYFORD, Alex Dr
Vale Group VALE, Pedro Dr
SynthSys Circadian clocks VAN OOIJEN, Gerben Dr
Voigt Group VOIGT, Philipp Dr
Walkinshaw Group Protein-ligand interactions WALKINSHAW, Malcolm Professor
Walling Group Evolutionary ecology particularly sexual selection and the maintenance of genetic variation in life history traits WALLING, Craig Dr
Walsh Group Behavioural ecology and animal cognition: life history responses to environmental factors, and the cognitive requirements of avian nest building. WALSH, Patrick Dr
Wang Group Synthetic biology, Systems biology, Designing customised gene circuits for novel biosensing and bioremediation applications WANG, Baojun Dr
Welburn Group Regulation of microtubules in mitosis WELBURN, Julie Dr
Wilson Group Early Embryo Development WILSON, Val Professor
Woolhouse Group Infectious Disease Epidemiology WOOLHOUSE, Mark Professor
Zaiss Group Function of the EGF-R signalling pathway in the immune system ZAISS, Dietmar Dr
Zamoyska Group Regulation of T cell differentiation, activation and homeostasis ZAMOYSKA, Rose Professor