Equine Veterinary Services

The Dick Vet Equine Hospital

The Dick Vet Equine Hospital deals with a variety of medical problems.

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Equine medicine

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The Equine Internal Medicine service deals with a variety of medical problems, from emergencies to routine evaluation of more protracted medical problems.

Equine orthopaedics

Horse leg exam
Our orthopaedic service is one of the busiest, examining over 500 new cases of lameness every year, in addition to re-evaluating previous cases.

Equine soft tissue surgery

Horse in surgery
Our surgeons perform over 400 soft tissue and dental surgery procedures a year.

Equine reproduction

Vet examination
We offer a full equine reproductive service with a range of facilities including artificial insemination and breeding mare soundness examination.

Scottish Farriery Centre

Scottish farriery centre
The Scottish Farriery Centre is a unique and specialised facility in the UK to attend to the hoof care needs of our equine patients and referral cases.


Horse in stable
Anaesthetics are devised according to the needs of the surgical team and the animals themselves.

Diagnostic imaging

Equine MRI
The diagnostic imaging department work closely alongside primary service clinicians, with specific and significant input to radiography, nuclear scintigraphy, and MRI.

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One of the key aims of the R(D)SVS equine hospital is training and nurturing specialists of the future.

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