Equine Veterinary Services

Equine soft tissue surgery

Our surgeons perform over 400 soft tissue and dental surgery procedures a year.


Over 400 soft tissue and dental surgery procedures a year are performed by our surgeons, both under standing sedation and general anaesthesia.

Abdominal surgery

Between 100 and 150 acute colic cases are admitted to the Hospital each year.


Our equine dental clinic is one of the leading centres for equine dentistry in the world and we train veterinarians from around the world in this speciality, as well as our own undergraduate and postgraduate students.


Videoendoscopes allow close and detailed visualisation of many otherwise inaccessible areas with the image displayed on a large screen for easy explanation to the client and students.

Overground dynamic endoscopy

In some cases, evaluation of the larynx and pharynx whilst the horse is exercising is necessary in order to make a diagnosis.


Endoscopic surgery of the abdomen and thorax can be very useful in horses for a variety of different problems. It allows visualisation and treatment of parts of the abdomen (laparoscopy) and thorax (thoracoscopy) which can be difficult to reach using other forms of surgery and has the significant advantages of being able to be performed with the horse standing and with minimal incisions.

Laser surgery

Laser surgery provides a safe, reliable and minimally invasive surgical method for the treatment of specific equine upper respiratory tract conditions, as well as lesions affecting other inaccessible parts of the body such as uterine cysts and urethral strictures.

Upper respiratory surgery

Our soft tissue surgery team offers a wide range of procedures involving diagnosis, management and treatment of upper respiratory tract disorders including sinus surgery, laryngeal and palate surgery which may be performed using laser surgical treatments.

Our Staff

Our team is at the forefront of clinical research into upper respiratory and dental disorders worldwide.