Equine Veterinary Services


One of the key aims of the R(D)SVS equine hospital is training and nurturing specialists of the future.


Each of our senior clinicians are specialists in their field, having developed these skills over years of experience in particular clinical areas and/or having obtained certification of this specialist status as members of a European board.

Residents, or Senior Clinical Scholars as they are also known, are training for specialist status in certain key clinical areas which they carry out over a three year period. They will have spent some time in general and equine practice before embarking on further training and, in addition to their specialist subject, will rotate through other services and therefore have knowledge of all relevant fields.

Our aim therefore is to produce clinicians who at the end of their three years are confident and competent in all areas of equine medicine and surgery. We also expect them to obtain a certificate in an equine subject and where possible a Diploma.

New residents

We regularly have posts for new residents. Colleagues considering further training as a resident in an equine subject are encouraged to contact Professor Bruce McGorum in the first instance.