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2020 News

News from 2020

Monitoring wildlife could limit risk of pandemics

Surveillance of potentially infectious organisms in wild animals and wildlife products could help limit the likelihood of emerging diseases.

Dick Vet Rises to Second in latest ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking

The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies has come second in the ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2020 - Veterinary Sciences.

Insectivores recover from high vitamin D intake

Zoo animals suffer ill-effects linked to high dietary levels of essential nutrient.

Peer Support on the Easter Bush Campus

A new peer support group at the Easter Bush Campus aims to offer an informal way for staff to support one another.

Data cleaning method lends insights into dog health

Scientists are gaining accurate insights into the healthy development of Labrador retriever puppies, thanks to a new method of removing errors in data from surveys.

School Success at Teaching Awards

The Dick Vet has been successful in a number of categories at the EUSA Teaching Awards 2020

Ticks cause potentially curable condition in cats

A tick-borne disease often seen in people can cause potentially treatable heart abnormalities in cats, vets have reported.

Cat’s treatment highlights risk of rare infection

Treatment of a rare but potentially serious fungal disease in a cat has highlighted the risk of similar infections in animals and their owners.

The vets that keep working through a global emergency

When you think of key medical workers, your mind probably turns to doctors, nurses and paramedics, and rightly so. They are at the front line of the situation we find ourselves in - a worldwide pandemic, with a dramatic impact on us all, the full extent of which will not be known for a long time. Our NHS staff are the heroes of this catastrophe, and we must never forget it.

Fish resistance to lethal virus linked to genetics

Resistance to a deadly disease in Tilapia fish is mainly caused by genetic differences between families of the same fish.

Roslin scientists support work to tackle coronavirus

Roslin scientists are contributing to meeting the challenge of the current coronavirus outbreak.

Join us for Postgraduate Virtual Open Week 16 - 20 March

Join us between 16 - 20 March for a range of online sessions that will allow you to find out more about our on campus postgraduate programmes, from wherever you are, through an online platform.

Livestock farms could benefit from genome editing

Animal breeding could become more efficient with an approach that combines DNA-editing techniques with new reproductive technologies.

Alabama Rot in Scotland: Update from the Hospital for Small Animals

Alabama Rot in Scotland: Update from the Hospital for Small Animals

Cow gut study could help tackle disease

A common, chronic gut disease in ruminants will be the focus of a £1 million study.

Professor Helen Sang is made OBE in New Year Honours list

Personal Chair of Vertebrate Molecular Development is made OBE in the New Year's honours list.