The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies Bicentenary

Student Graduation Prize Winners 2020

Congratulations to all of the 2020 graduation prize winners.

Student Prizes

Alastair PB Mclaren Prize Best Student in Y3 of programme Shannon Street and Polina Skliarevitch
Alison Gall Memorial Prize Best student in the final year Equine Rotations Abigail Blanton
Best Student Research Component (SRC) Project The Most Outstanding  SRC project  Nivan Mamak and Shannon Street
CEVA Dermatology Prize Best Final Year Student in Dermatology Aisha McLaughlin
Charles Jones Prize Best Student in Sheep Medicine Charlie Stevens
Clinical Foundation Course Prize Best Student in CFC in Y3 of programme Valerie Oh
Feline Prize Best Student in Feline Rotation Lorna Robb
Joe Fraser Equine Prize Best Final Year Student in Equine Surgery Daryl Driscoll
Martin Weaver Award Best Student in Equine Imaging / Orthopaedics Thomas Ratcliffe
McCaughey Prize Most Meritous BVM&S Student (highest marks in Final Year) Polina Skliarevitch
Moredun Foundation Book Prize Best Student in Large Animal Practice Radha Varadharajan
Peer Recognition Award Most outstanding Student as nominated by their peers Michelle Bakker 
Sally Hessey Prize Best Final Year Student in Exotics Megan Kiln
The Boehringer Ingelheim Cardiology Award Best Final Year Student in Cardiology Polina Skliarevitch
The Boehringer Ingelheim Neurology Award Best Final Year Student in Neurology Jaclyn Chong
Walter Buchanan Milburn Prize BVM&S Graduate with the Highest Aptitude for Clinical / Practical Aspects                    Lewis Steer and Catherine Mace
William Dick Prize Most Distinguished BVM&S Student (all marks, all years) Elise Purdy 
William Lothian Prize Best Student in Final Year Examinations (part 1 and part 2) Polina Skliarevitch
William Mawlum Ogilvie Prize Y1 Best Student in Animal Life in Y1 Programme Shannon Street
William Mawlum Ogilvie Prize Y2/GEP Best Student in Animal Life in either Y2 Shannon Street
Willie Gregor Award Awarded in recognition of contribution to sports Eilidh Grassick
Special Seminar Final Year Group that had the Largest Audience  



Alexander Ambury


Kate Robertson


Katie Ross


Tris Sailer


Bethany Shaw


Miceala Shocklee


Na Tang


Alicia Wee


Emma Wemyss

Dick Vet Undergraduate Certificate in Veterinary Medical Education       
  UCVME Abigail Blanton
  UCVME  Lauren Furey
  UCVME  Karen Hase 
  UCVME  Emily Hochkins
  UCVME  Eileen Hulse
  UCVME  Emily Johnston
  UCVME  Aimie Lai
  UCVME  Connie Liebenschutz-Jones
  UCVME  Catherine Mace
  UCVME  Shruit Madhusudan
  UCVME  Megan Minor
  UCVME  Claire Mitchell
  UCVME  Hanna Olsen
  UCVME  Kate Robertson
  UCVME  Ela Russell
  UCVME  Miceala Shocklee
  UCVME  Polina Skliarevitch
  UCVME  Katie Stein
  UCVME  Sally Stott
  UCVME  Shannon Street
  UCVME  Na Tang
  UCVME  Radha Varadharaja
  UCVME  Nicole Yen
  UCVME  Peng Wooi
Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy                                    

Students have worked towards this in conjunction with above UCVME award                 

Karen Hase and Bryanna Andrews 

Sporting Colours Prizes


Mens Rugby Adam Young Half & Full Colour
Dave O’Sullivan Full Colour
Irvin Kwok Full Colour
Sam Mcnabney Full Colour
Ladies Rugby Megan Minor Half & Full Colour
ZeeZee Shimei Half & Full Colour
Mens Football Sebastian Kneitz Half & Full Colour
Ladies Football ZeeZee Shimei Half & Full Colour
Kirsty Wilson Half & Full Colour
Eileen Hulse Half & Full Colour
Katie Stein Half & Full Colour
Netball Eilidh Grassick Half & Full Colour
Gillian Laing Half & Full Colour
Lorna Robb Half Colour
Kate Ogden Half Colour
Hannah Aiken Half Colour
Hockey Tom Ratcliffe Half & Full Colour
Glynis Tant Half & Full Colour
Climbing Club Ben Murray Half & Full Colour
Henri Rogers Half & Full Colour
Gavin Lockie Half & Full Colour
Hannah Aiken Full Colour
Findlay Douglas Full Colour
Exmoor Pony Trekking Ruben Morris-Brown Half & Full Colour
Music Katie Rossi Half & Full Colour
Emily Hotchkins Half Colour
Caitlin Loretto Half Colour
Donna Tang Half Colour
Shannon Street Half Colour
Patrathorn Tul Puntuyakorn Half Colour
Badminton Patrathorn Tul Puntuyakorn Half & Full Colour
Running  Gavin Lockie Half Colour
Laura Ryan Half Colour
Polo  Katie Rossi Half & Full Colour
Glynis Tant Full Colour
Snow Sports Findlay Douglas Half Colour
Michelle Bakker Half Colour
Angus Lane Half Colour
Horse Society Hanna Olsen Full Colour
Michelle Bakker Full Colour
Edinburgh Veterinary Zoological Society        Laura Ryan Full Colour



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