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Feline clinic receives gold recognition

The Dick Vet has always been at the forefront of feline friendly facilities and now our cat care clinicians within the Feline Clinic have been recognised again, with International Cat Care (formerly the Feline Advisory Bureau) recognising the Hospital for Small Animals as a GOLD standard Cat Friendly Clinic.

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ICatCare and the Dick Vet have a long history of working together and ICatCare currently sponsor Stephanie Lalor as a Senior Clinical Training Scholar in our Feline Clinic. Both Professor Danielle Gunn-Moore (Professor of Feline Medicine) and Nicki Reed (Head of the Feline Clinic) are RCVS Specialists in Feline Medicine, serve on the Veterinary Advisory Panel and were sponsored by them during their Residencies.

Stephanie Lalor, Nicki Reed and our dedicated Feline Nurse Sara-Ann Dickson all gave lectures at the recent Edinburgh Study Day put on by ICatCare at the Dick Vet.

Sara-Ann’s hard work was the driving force to the awarding of the GOLD standard and the Dick Vet congratulates her and all of the Feline Team on this wonderful recognition.

This recognition by ICatCare shows the dedication of the whole team to providing the best possible care for cats at the Hospital for Small Animals. We’ve worked closely with this wonderful charity for many years and agree strongly with their mission and vision”. A huge thank you to everyone involved in this latest achievement which we look to build on to keep improving and providing even better care for felines at the Dick Vet.

Nicki ReedHead of the Feline Clinic

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