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Experts support golden eagle conservation in Japan

Wildlife conservation team meet Japanese experts to inform national strategy for endangered species.

Conservation experts from the Dick Vet have visited Japan to inform an action plan to save the nation’s endangered golden eagles.

The visit forms part of a collaboration by partners from both countries working to share lessons from Scotland’s experience of reversing population decline in the birds of prey, which are common to both regions.

The exchange will inform development of a Japanese conservation strategy for the short and long term.

Sharing knowledge

Specialists from the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies and the South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project travelled to Japan to meet representatives from universities, government, non-governmental agencies and zoos.

Their visit coincided with a meeting of Japanese golden eagle researchers and conservation stakeholders, hosted by Kyoto University in Tokyo with support from the Japanese Ministry of the Environment, and associated events. 

Talks and discussions took place to share research and conservation initiatives and outcomes, and a workshop was held to draw out plans for golden eagle conservation action.

Discussions ranged from sharing experiences of satellite tagging to monitor translocated birds, through to the use of clinical veterinary protocols to ensure the health of translocated birds is not compromised.

The meeting heard a recorded video message of support from the Scottish Minister for the Environment, Lorna Slater.

Witnessing conservation

The Scottish delegation visited the national Raptor Conservation Centre at Sakata, in the north-west of Japan’s largest island of Honshu, and toured the local golden eagle habitat.

They also took part in a public meeting organised by the Nature Conservation Society of Japan (NACSJ), an active partner in golden eagle conservation research across the country.

The trip, funded by a Royal Society of Edinburgh SAPHIRE award, is the latest meeting of golden eagle scientists from both countries. It follows a visit by a delegation of Japanese scientists to Scotland in late 2022.

Researchers regularly share knowledge relating to ecology, genetics, veterinary medicine and habitat management, to maintain and enhance research and surveillance supporting golden eagle conservation.

We welcome the opportunity to directly share our knowledge with Japanese experts, with support from our respective policymakers.

Our contributions to discussions were very well received and we have been assured that these will have a significant impact on the preparation of Japan’s action plan. We look forward to further valuable collaboration with our Japanese colleagues, for our mutual benefit.

Professor Rob OgdenRoyal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

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