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Advanced Care Research Centre (ACRC)

The ACRC is an interdisciplinary research collaboration, combining a complementary programme of research and development to deliver innovation and change to later life care.

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Summary (Research in a nutshell)

The Advanced Care Research Centre (ACRC) is a new multi-disciplinary research programme within the University of Edinburgh seeking to deliver innovation and change to the care of people in later life. Funded with a £20 million investment from Legal and General, the ACRC comprises research and development, combined with the ACRC Academy, which is a cohort-based PhD programme aiming to develop leaders of the future.

The ACRC vision is of high‐quality, data‐driven, personalised and affordable care that supports the independence, dignity and quality‐of‐life of people living in their own homes and in supported care environments. The person-centred work of the ACRC looks at different aspects of care, from being able to glean information from care records, to predicting health and care trajectories in later life, through to developing new models of care and new care-driven technology.

The primary purpose of the Academy is to support the mission of the ACRC by developing and equipping a new generation of doctoral-research-trained leaders as pioneers of creation, innovation, and implementation across the spectrum of the care sector. The cohort-based nature of the Academy will ensure leaders who are both excellent in their core disciplines and skilled in working widely across disciplines and sectors.

Key People

Name Role
Bruce Guthrie ACRC Director
Lucy McCloughan ACRC Programme Manager
Ian Underwood Academy Director
Heather Wilkinson Academic Lead
Jacques Fleuriot Academic lead
Stewart Mercer Academic Lead
Kate Morris Academy Project Manager


For further information, visit the ACRC website.

Advanced Care Research Centre website


Partners and Funders

Legal and General invested £20 million into the ACRC.

The ACRC is supported by the Data-Driven Innovation Programme.


The Centre is currently funded for seven years, from 2020.