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Robot nurses, flying beds and healing potions

These are some of the ideas children came up with when we asked them what hospitals might look like in the future.

Image showing child drawing of a robot nurse

We have been out and about at Edinburgh Science Festival talking to families about how developments in technology, data and artificial intelligence may change healthcare in the future and asking their opinions about it.

We were at the Scottish Parliament family day on 6th April where children drew these fantastic pictures and had to guess what was in our feely boxes. We talked to people about how devices such as health trackers and mobile phones are increasingly being used to gather information about our health, how healthcare professionals may use technology, and how we need to all work together to ensure  all of society can benefit.

families interacting with our display

Meanwhile Dr Sarah Chan from the Centre was discussing some of these issues at an event called Diagnosing with Data. She joined Prof. Nicholas Mills, University of Edinburgh Chair of Cardiology and Consultant Cardiologist, and Dr Angus Ferguson, University of Glasgow, Public Benefit and Privacy Panel for Health and Social Care.

'The most pressing question is when and how can we use health data to improve people's lives'

Dr Sarah ChanExpert in the ethics of medical research, Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society, University of Edinburgh 

All the panel spoke about the need for community and public engagement about health data and this is something we are committed to here at the Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society.

Diagnosing with Data event at Science Festival

We will be at the National Museum of Scotland on 19 and 20 April with colleagues from across the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine to talk to more people about their ideas and points of view, so do come along.