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Scotland in the Global: HIV through Injecting Drugs and Beyond

A Mini Workshop Series held in April 2021

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Thanks to all who joined in, asked great questions and made connections between all the different papers. Thanks also to our five presenters, who did a wonderful job connecting their research and experiences to our Beyond Global theme. Please see workshop recordings below if you couldn’t make it.

Session 1 

Dr Ray Brettle was instrumental in establishing the need in Edinburgh, Scotland for HIV services for injecting drug users, while Dr Alex Mold (LSHTM) is public health historian and expert on anti-drug education campaigns in England and Scotland. 

A recording is available here

Memorable messages

Ray: Change happens when society is very frightened. It’s a series of individuals who took up the challenge as it came along and said, this is something interesting, I’m going to go with it. And then there were people who didn’t.

Alex: Should it be about scaring people into behaving or encouraging people to make positive health choices?

Session 2 

Professor Jim Mills (UStrathclyde) is a historian of global drug policy and responses, while Dr Hannah Elizabeth (LSHTM/UEdinburgh) is a historian researching HIV and care in Edinburgh from the 1980s to 1990s.

A recording is available here

Memorable messages

Jim: There is no evidence that these substances were used for anything other than pain or therapy in Scotland before the 19th century.

Hannah: Adult reticence [to communicate HIV status to children] was not just due to stigma and managing information but also anxiety about saying the wrong thing.

Session 3 

Kirsten Horsburgh from the Scottish Drugs Forum spoke about the national naloxone programme.

A recording is available here

Memorable messages

Kirsten: Language affects how people see themselves and the care they receive.

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Dr Alex Mold

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Professor Jim Mills:

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