Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society

Science Insights Week Online 2021

CBSS researchers were involved in 'Meet The Scientists' sessions that give S5 pupils insight into careers and study in biosciences

This week several members of CBSS staff participated in Science Insights Online. It is an opportunity for 60 S5 pupils (aged 16-17) to gain a real insight into research and work in many different areas of biological, biomedical and animal sciences - including in the social scientific, legal, and bioethical aspects. 

It is the seventh year Science Insights Week has been running but has happened virtually this year due to the pandemic.

Giulia De Togni, Andrea Ford, Rebecca Richards, Martyn Pickersgill, and Sonja Erikainen were each involved with 'Meet the Scientists' sessions. These involved researchers recording a short video on their research that was shown to pupils. Then afterwards they answered questions from pupils on their work and career path.

The programme is designed to give pupils considering studying and working in biosciences unique knowledge and understanding of the field. But also, Science Insights is committed to inclusivity and it is an important Widening Participation programme too. Students also attend sessions on university applications and careers. 


"I became first involved in Science Insights in 2019, shortly after joining CBSS, and have continued to take part in this programme ever since.

I very much enjoy being involved in public engagement events in general, and I think that Science Insights is a particularly rewarding experience, both for the pupils and the scientists.

It invites the scientists to rethink their research in lay terms to make it accessible to the wider public, while offering the pupils an important chance to hear about various career paths and what doing research in academia actually looks like in practice.

I hope that these kinds of events may help the pupils to make informed decisions once they finish high school and decide what course they would like to study at the University.

I hope that attending Science Insights may make them feel more confident about their choices and aware of what is out there in terms of opportunities for their future.” 

Giulia De Togni Postdoctoral Research Fellow at CBSS and participant in Science Insights Week

Participating in Science Insights was a nice way to expose secondary school students to the social sciences and the important role they play. Many students are unfamiliar with these fields of study, and how they can be a great way to satisfy curiosity about how the world works and contribute to producing knowledge and improving people's lives.

I also appreciated the opportunity to reassure them that they don't have to have their entire career mapped out at age 17! Many seemed to appreciate hearing that there will be chances to adjust and recombine their interests down the road. 

Andrea FordPostdoctoral Research Fellow at CBSS and participant in Science Insights Week