Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine

Core Ultrasound Intensive Care (CUSIC) course 2nd November 2018

Target audience: Trainees and consultant in intensive care medicine.

Faculty: Murray Blackstock, Rosie Baruah, Michael Gillies, Stuart McLellan – Consultants in Critical Care, NHS Lothian, Edinburgh.

Course organiser: Dr R Baruah

Catering: Plant based, please let us know of any allergies.


This course is aimed at trainees, consultants and advanced practitioners in intensive care, acute and emergency medicine.

CUSIC is accredited by the Intensive Care Society and provides a structured training pathway for training in lung, abdominal and vascular point of care ultrasound.

The Edinburgh CUSIC Course is a one day course which will provide you with the theoretical knowledge needed for CUSIC accreditation. You will split the day between lectures and small group scanning sessions on normal subjects. 

CUSIC training pathway further information

Time Codes in parentheses refer to RCoA CPD Matrix
08:45 Registration and coffee
09:00 Introduction - CUSIC syllabus and accreditation
09:10 LECTURE: Physics and knobology (1A03, 1F03, 3C00)
09:30 LECTURE: Lung US – introduction and lung US for PTX (1A03, 2C01, 2C04, 3C00)
10:00 Coffee
10:20 SCANNING: Lung US -Pleural line (1A03, 2C01, 2C04, 3C00)
11:00 LECTURE: Pleural effusion (1A03,  2C01, 2C04, 3C00)
11:20 LECTURE: Consolidation and atelectasis
11:40 SCANNING: Lung bases (1A03, 2C01, 2C04, 3C00)
12:20 Lunch
13:00 LECTURE: Abdominal US (1A03, 2CO1, 2CO4, 3C00)
13:20 SCANNING: abdominal US (1A03, 2C01, 2C04, 3C00)
14:00 LECTURE: Vascular US, DVT and needling techniques (1A03, 2C01, 2D03, 2C04, 3C00)
14:20 Coffee followed by carousel – to rotate round every 30 minutes
14:40 SCANNING: DVT (1A03, 2C01, 2C04, 3C00)

SCANNING: ICD insertion

15:40 SCANNING: SCV insertion
16:20 The CUSIC “Just For Your Own Benefit “Clips Quiz and MCQs
16:45 Close



Course fees £185

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Nov 02 2018 -

Core Ultrasound Intensive Care (CUSIC) course 2nd November 2018

Core Ultrasound Intensive Care (CUSIC) course run by the department of Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine, 2nd November 2018.

Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
9 Queen Street