Global Health Academy

Launch of HIV, Human Rights & Development Network

A new collaboration has been launched — The HIV, Human Rights and Development Network, to help stem the global HIV epidemic.

Co-hosted by the University's Global Health Academy, the network was launched at an Inaugural Seminar held at the Scottish Parliament on 9 May 2013.

It is the first network in the UK to bring together professionals from these backgrounds to share cutting edge research on the inextricable link between HIV, human rights and development with the intention of informing vital policy and practice to stem the HIV epidemic. The Network has been set up by Dr George Palattiyil and Dr Dina Sidhva (Joint Convenors of the Network), following their research with HIV positive asylum seekers in Scotland.

HIV and Human Rights Network

The Network will do much to connect those working and thinking about HIV here in Scotland, where we havemuch to contribute in the fight against HIV both here in the UK and throughout the world. This launch comesat an extraordinary time when scientific progress means we can now really talk about putting a stop to thisepidemic. I am delighted that this Network will help enable us to contribute to the End of AIDS

Pamela Nash, MPChair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on HIV/AIDS, Westminster