Global Health Academy

Database of global health research in Africa

The burden of disease and mortality is much higher in low-income countries, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. Concern regarding this has led to an increase in available funding for research from donor and research agencies, which has helped advance discovery and led to new treatments for some diseases.

However recent discussions have raised questions as to whether greater co-ordination of efforts could increase efficiency, and outcomes and help to highlight potential gaps.

Nine major research-funding and research organisations have recognised the need for greater co-ordination, and have as a first step provided information on sub-Saharan Africa for 2011-2012. Created by the US National Institutes for Health this database is freely available through a website called World RePORT.

The design and development of this new database is highlighted in the latest issue of the Lancet Global Health.

The need for such a database is clear - to help improve communication and co-ordination amongst all those involved, but especially to make the process of identifying potential gaps that much easier.

Professor Sue WelburnDirector, Global Health Academy