Examination Adjustment Deadlines

Examinations: Adjustment Deadlines

Semester 1 - 2020/21

In order to ensure that arrangements are in place in adequate time for your examinations all exam support must be agreed and documented on your Schedule of Adjustments. All Schedule of Adjustments received by Examinations by 30 September 2020, 1700 will be put in place for the December examinations.

 After this deadline there is NO guarantee that arrangements can be made.

Every effort will be made after the final deadline (up to 09 October 2020) but this is dependent on the support required. No adjustment relating to the scheduling of an examination (i.e. am/pm only exams, avoidance of 2 exams in 1 day or avoidance of exams on consecutive days) can be arranged after 9 October 2020. 


For more information and to make an appointment for assistance, please contact Student Disability Services