The updated timetable for April/May remote exams is now live and can be accessed here 


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Key decisions have been taken regarding exams:

  • Pre-honours undergraduate students (SCQF levels 7 and 8): you will not have exams for pre-Honours (Years 1 and 2) courses. There may be a small number of exceptions to this, where a professional or statutory regulatory body (PSRB) requires students to complete further assessment. Your School will advise you if this is the case.
  • Honours undergraduate and postgraduate (taught) students (SCQF levels 9, 10 and 11): exams will be replaced either with additional coursework assessment or timed take-home (“open-book”) exams offered remotely.
  • Due to the impact of covid-19 we are not expecting to offer the normal, centrally-scheduled diet of in-person resit examinations in the summer.  There may be instances where a School and the Board of Examiners feel that it is appropriate for a student - even at pre-Honours – to do an additional assessment over the summer period to address concerns around progression and classification. Your School will discuss this with you directly. If you also feel that you have not been able to demonstrate your learning, again your School will discuss this with you directly and potentially be able to arrange some form of assessment. There will not, however, be a defined resit examination period.
  • We will not be offering an overseas resit examination service.


Further updates will be communicated to you as more details become available.  

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