Examination Regulations

Exam Hall Regulations, Assessment Regulations, Mark Schemes, Grade Conversions

Exam Hall Regulations

Please note the Exam Hall regulations were updated in September 2023.

Exam Script books - There will be a transition to the new Exam Hall regulations. The script books with the older Exam Hall regulations are being phased out and the new exam script books will contain the updated Exam Hall regulations on the back of the scripts.


Exam Past Papers

Exam past papers can be a useful tool to assist you in revising for your exams. Copies can be found in a number of the University's libraries.

Extended Common Marking Scheme

This page sets out the schemes used by the University in the marking of assessments.

Credit Allocation and Conversion of Grades

This page sets out guidelines and provides examples of good practice for Boards of Examiners.

Assessment regulations

Current taught and postgraduate research programmes assessment regulations and previous academic years' assessment regulations.