Diets and Timetables

Examination diets and timetable information.

Exam contingency space - May 2022

A range of bookable contingency space has been identified to support students who would prefer to make use of University space to sit their exams. Please see link below, for further information.

Study Space, Guidance and Support - Semester 2 , 2021/22 | The University of Edinburgh

Examination diets and timetable information.


  • The full May diet timetable will be published on 14 March 2022 and your personalised view will then be visible in your Office365 calendar.
  • Although the majority of exams will be held online in May 2022, a number of exams and assessments in some courses will be held in-person on campus and Schools will be making arrangements in each case.
  • Students are responsible for ensuring that you check the details on Learn for the format of each exam or assessment.
  • If you choose to go home for the exam period, you must make sure that you have suitable working conditions in which to complete your exam – including a stable internet connection and appropriate access to the necessary resources – from your location.

  • Online exam durations have reverted back to being short format, so there will be no 24 hour exams in the May main exam diet 2022.
  • All exams will start at 13:00 BST.
  • Changes can occur to the timetable therefore please ensure that you recheck your exam details immediately prior to your examination(s).


End of teaching period

The University is aware that many students will choose to leave Edinburgh after the teaching period ends in Semester 2.

It is your individual responsibility to decide whether or not you are able to leave Edinburgh:


  • Students in University-managed accommodation will not be able to get lease breaks this year due to exams being online. This means that they will not be refunded for their accommodation if they leave Edinburgh early.
  • Students in private accommodation should check with their providers.
  • Sponsored PGT students should check with Student Immigration Service (SIS) any impact on their visa before booking travel.

Academic Year 2021/22





Exam Dates

Publication Date


Semester 2        










02 May  - 27 May 

(including Saturdays)                 







08 August - 19 August

 (including Saturdays)     

Publication Date:  The exam timetable is now available.

Important - Ensure all electronic devices are set to UK Time Zone.

Exams will start at 13:00 BST

Personalised Examination Timetable:  https://www.ed.ac.uk/timetabling-examinations/exams/personalised-examination-timetable

Exam Web Timetables: https://exams.is.ed.ac.uk/ 




Publication Date:  Thursday 21st July



Semester Dates

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Frequently Asked Questions and Venue Maps

Extenuating Circumstances

Students who believe that religious reasons or participation in elite-level sport prevent them from sitting an examination at the scheduled time should contact their Personal Tutor and Student Support Team. Their case is considered by the relevant Dean and Student Administration in consultation with the Convener of the Board of Examiners. Further information regarding flexibility which may be offered to students taking part in elite-level sport is provided in the Performance Sport Policy:


Please note:

  • As examinations may be scheduled at any time during the semester, it is a student's responsibility to be available throughout the semester, including the whole of the examination diet. Occasionally assessments may need to be rescheduled with very little notice. If special circumstances mean that a student is unavailable for the rescheduled assessment, Boards of Examiners may consider using an alternative method to assess the relevant learning outcomes (Assessment Regulation 17.3).
  • Other than online assessment, students are not allowed to sit examinations away from Edinburgh (Assessment Regulation 25.5)
  • Factors which may adversely affect your performance in an examination or in assessed coursework over the year, such as personal illness or the illness of a close relative or partner, must be drawn to the attention of the examiners in writing by you as soon as possible and, in any event, before the meeting of the Board of Examiners. This is usually done via your Personal Tutor or Postgraduate Programme Director.