Diets and Timetables

Examination diets and timetable information.

Overseas Exam Resit Service

Due to the impact of covid-19 we are not expecting to offer the normal, centrally-scheduled diet of in-person resit examinations in the summer.  

There may be instances where a School and the Board of Examiners feel that it is appropriate for a student - even at pre-Honours – to do an additional assessment over the summer period to address concerns around progression and classification. Your School will discuss this with you directly. If you also feel that you have not been able to demonstrate your learning, again your School will discuss this with you directly and potentially be able to arrange some form of assessment. There will not, however, be a defined resit examination period.

We will not be offering an overseas resit examination service.


UCU Industrial Action

Guidance for students on the upcoming strike action and how it might affect you:




Changes can occur to the timetable therefore please ensure that you recheck your exam details immediately prior to your examination(s).


Semester Exam Dates Publication Date
  Academic Year 2019/20  
Semester 2 27 April - 22 May 2020 (including Saturday 2, 9 and 16 May 2020

Publication Date: During week commencing Monday, 2nd March

Important - Ensure all electronic devices are set to UK Time Zone.

Exams predominantly start at 09:15, 09:30 and 14:30 UK Time.

Personalised Examination Timetable:  https://www.ed.ac.uk/timetabling-examinations/exams/personalised-examination-timetable

Resits 3 - 14 August 2020

N/A - Please refer to the Resit Exams section on our Frequently Asked Questions page via https://www.ed.ac.uk/timetabling-examinations/exams/exams-faq

Semester 1 10 - 21 December 2020 To Be Confirmed


Semester Dates

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Frequently Asked Questions and Venue Maps

Extenuating Circumstances

Students who believe that extenuating circumstances exist which prevent them from sitting an examination in the scheduled time or venue should contact their Personal Tutor and Student Support Team. Their case is considered by the relevant Dean and Student Administration in consultation with the Convener of the Board of Examiners. Examples of extenuating circumstances are: religious observance; elite participation where students are representing their country at national or international level. Travel arrangements, early departure during the semester, holidays, learning adjustments (under regulation 19 above), etc. do not constitute extenuating circumstances. (Assessment Regulation 25.2).

Please note:

  • As examinations may be scheduled at any time during the semester, it is a student's responsibility to be available throughout the semester, including the whole of the examination diet. Occasionally assessments may need to be rescheduled with very little notice. If special circumstances mean that a student is unavailable for the rescheduled assessment, Boards of Examiners may consider using an alternative method to assess the relevant learning outcomes (Assessment Regulation 17.3).
  • Other than online assessment, students are not allowed to sit examinations away from Edinburgh (Assessment Regulation 25.5)
  • Factors which may adversely affect your performance in an examination or in assessed coursework over the year, such as personal illness or the illness of a close relative or partner, must be drawn to the attention of the examiners in writing by you as soon as possible and, in any event, before the meeting of the Board of Examiners. This is usually done via your Personal Tutor or Postgraduate Programme Director.